Rory B.

Rory B.

Rory is an award-nominated voice artist, working with clients all over the world. His voice has a natural clarity and he can be authoritative and friendly.

Type Of Voice Artist


Rory is versatile with an innate instinct for lifting characters off the page. What’s more, he has a magical ability to always make himself available- even at short notice! – Ally Lang – Station Sound Producer, BBC Radio 2.

You’re a Pro – And you cracked it first time! – Claire Evans – Producer, Koala TV

Serious Slick – Effortless and so flexible. – Guy Michaels, Voiceover Kickstart

Similar Talent

  • Wildlife Presenter
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Known For: Countrywise
  • Accent: Neutral /BBC RP
  • Irish
  • 20’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Friendly, Warm, Bubbly
  • NeutralRp. French. Spanish
  • 40’s/50’s +
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Elegant, Mature, Smooth
  • TV Presenter
  • Lifestyle/Celebrity Host
  • Known For: QVC
  • Accent: Neutral/London