Get with Yorkshire Tea time, #benice with the help of Jane Malyon’s afternoon tea!

2nd Mar 2020

Rather more than a storm in a teacup – it all kicked off when MP Rishi Sunak simply made a cup of tea in the office. In fact you could say, it caused rather a stir!

Rishi-Sunak-MP-Yorkshire-Tea-Social-Media-abuse-Afternoon-Teambuilding-with-Jane-Malyon-afternoon tea at-Great-British-Speakers

The poor people at Yorkshire Tea suffered an outrageous level of online abuse – and for something they had no involvement in. 

Something we all do pretty much every day. Someone making a cuppa in their office – a nice refreshing thing to do and maybe have a chat with a colleague.

Before we go any further, we have to state a vested interest here, in that Yorkshire Tea is the #1 choice of refreshment at GB towers, and they reside not far from Steve’s home in lovely North Yorkshire, that well-known tea-growing region… and he does his personal best to rack up Yorkshire Tea’s sales every single day.

After the #bekind movement hit the headlines (in the aftermath of the devastating news of Love Island’s Caroline Flack) we are still wondering why some people seem to think it’s OK to abuse people online, while they are just doing their job, working on a fun enjoyable brand? 

However, the fab social media team at #YorkshireTea responded to vitriol and anger with grace and kindness, quite rightly winning the day.

So come on people, just #benice …as Ellen DeGeneres would say “it’s OK not to agree with someone”
Afternoon TEAmbuilding events with Jane Malyon at Great British Speakers

Our refreshing solution to the world’s unpleasantness!

Well, thanks to lovely Yorkshire Tea, our fabulous Afternoon Tea guru Jane Malyon is on hand. Jane is the UK’s #1 Afternoon Tea expert (and a world record holder for the biggest afternoon tea ever) you can have Jane talk or create one of her Afternoon TEA-mbuilding events which is all about being nice and the benefits that brings to your life and work.

World Guiness Book of Records Afternoon Tea The currency of courtesy Jane Malyon Keynote Speaker at Great British Speakers

There are many lessons we can all take on board with Afternoon Tea – Jane has a generalist message wrapped up in a unique, memorable and specialist package – and it can apply to all levels of any organisation.

“When Jane walks into a room you immediately want to go and talk to her – she fills a room with happiness, love and laughter.”
Just perfection. Charmingly unique, spot on presentation and clear, relevant information. Absolutely loved her. Thank you so much.
A brilliant talk – went down a storm. Easily the best speaker we have ever had.

Whilst also enjoying the treats, this very interactive event motivates the group to develop their strengths, collaborate and find new ways to communicate, using each element of the Afternoon Tea experience as the guiding inspiration.

Strengthen relationships within your team in one fun, fascinating, challenging and delicious Afternoon Tea Session! 

Jane works with companies that want great communication skills and engagement. It’s a valuable behaviour-changing opportunity – not just a piece of cake!

Jane’s events work in nearly any location, from corporate offices, venues and hotels wanting to create their own attraction.

You can find out more about the content of Jane’s Afternoon TEAmbuilding events on her ‘Inspiration page’ HERE and more about Jane’s talks on her bio page HERE

Afternoon Staff TEAmbuilding events with Jane Malyon at Great British Speakers


In the meantime, to get you in the mood, here are Jane’s top ten tips for afternoon tea!

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