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2nd Aug 2022

There is massive awareness around suicide prevention at the moment, with many organisations putting in place structures and activities to help colleagues improve their wellness, particularly in the aftermath of Covid-lockdowns and the current economic financial concerns.

Learn more about World Suicide Prevention Day and Why It’s So Important to Participate

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Meet Steve Carr | World Suicide Prevention Day Speaker

Workplace wellness is a subject of huge importance. With this in mind, our director Jane Farnham chatted to avid mental health campaigner Steve Carr one of our stellar motivational male mental health and suicide prevention speakers.

About Steve Carr | Background: Following a distressing incident that deeply impacted Steve Carr and his family, he came to the realization that life would never be the same again. This ordeal led Steve to homelessness and drug addiction, resulting in the loss of virtually everything he had.

Steve Carr is not merely a speaker discussing mental health; he holds qualifications in various facets of this field. His expertise spans youth and adult mental health first aid, life coaching, counseling skills, and he stands as one of the few Suicide First Aid instructors in the nation.

As part of our podcast series, Great British Speakers’ director Jane Farnham spoke to Steve about his own-lived experience of suicide, prevention and ill-mental health, to make a full recovery and how he now uses the experiences to help others as a suicide prevention mental health first aider.

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A mental health speaker and much more…

In his speaking career, he has shared the stage at some of the UK’s most recognised organisations and has told his inspirational story alongside many famous and well-respected public figures including Dame Kelly Holmes and Kirsty Gallacher.

Speaking topics:

1. Homelessness

2. Suicide Prevention

3. Workplace Mental Health

Steve is the MD of Mindcanyon – Mental Health In Your Workplace and a mental health first aid, workplace well-being and suicide first-aid training. 

There are many areas and focus points that Steve shares In his teaching to organisations all over the UK, from policymaking, homelessness, resilience, the importance of mental health and suicide first aid training and how to spot the early warning signs of distress.


Steve is incredibly engaging, captures the audience (even the sceptics!) and offers a tangible toolkit that any manager can use in the workplace. What they did for us other than the toolkit mentioned was to start the conversation, which in itself was very powerful. 

Reed Accountancy

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  • Roman Kemp has long been an advocate for mental health and the awareness of male depression, anxiety and suicide, which came to prominence in 2021 when BBC1 broadcast his highly-praised documentary Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency (2021). It followed Roman’s own personal experience with suicidal thoughts as well as the loss of a very close friend, before exploring ways that people can seek help. We’ve also had some super reviews on Roman’s mental health talks!

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