Speakers to Inspire this World Youth Skills Day – 15th July 2021.

28th Jun 2021

Did you know?

People under the age of 25 are almost 3x more likely to be unemployed, and the jobs they can secure tend to be lower-paid. While this is partly due to being less experienced, this can also be due to a number of other factors, such as location and the field of employment. Furthermore, gender and ethnicity are still discriminated against in some job roles, with Women and BAME candidates more likely to suffer from inequality, lower pay brackets and being offered fewer full-time work contracts.

And the impact of Covid-19 on employment has only been more damaging.

But as an employer, there is something you can do to help change this.

Education and training are essential within any job role, but currently, many existing systems are failing to address the learning needs for many young people, hit harder by many educational roles now still happening from home or part-time.

At Great British Speakers, we have the privilege of working with some of the best motivational and inspirational youth educational speakers, all experts in their perspective fields, who can help uplift, engage and inform – offering memorable key skills for employment opportunities, personal development and beyond.

To book any of the speakers you see below contact Jane Farnham and Steve Denison.

Bianca Miller-Cole | Women in Business I Branding I Entrepreneurship.

Bianca always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After achieving success in business, Bianca now shares her skills with others. Her ability to engage with school leavers is remarkable. She excels in providing them with an interactive experience, packed with actionable key content which they can take away with them and use for years to come.

Here’s a short video about her story

Ayo Sokale I Engineering I STEM Education

Ayo Sokale Female Civil engineer BBC TV Presenter Politician Diversity and Inclusion Speaker book at Great British Speakers

Ayo is a brilliantly influential speaker for any young women interested in joining a STEM field. A STEM ambassador and mentor, she encourages others to take up careers, focusing predominantly on engineering. She was nominated for the Top 50 Women in Engineering under 35 initiative run by The Telegraph in partnership with The Women’s Engineering Society.

Bobby Seagull | Math | Finance

Bobby Seagull – teacher, television presenter, financial advisor and author of THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF NUMBERS. He’s often asked to speak at education events & recently hosted ‘The Youth Edition‘ of the ‘150 Event’ for the IET, booked via Great British Speakers.

Bobby regularly appears on Good Morning Britain, BBC Paper Reviews and BBC Radio Four’s Any Questions.

Bobby Seagull book School teacher television presenter author speaker STEM maths hire at Great British Speakers

Ayishat Akanbi | Fashion Stylist | Culture & Politics

Having studied a degree in Media and Cultural studies, Ayishat has a strong interest in and opinions on socio-political issues surrounding race, class, identity, gender, homelessness, private prisons, gangs, drugs and addiction. She believes it’s paramount to educate young people on the political parties and what they stand for. Her aim is to help make politics more engaging for young people and campaigns for it to be taught in schools. Ayishat regularly speaks in schools about careers, politics, housing, bullying, sexuality and other issues that affect the younger generations.

Blaire Palmer I Leadership & Business Trends.


Focusing on the need to re-think business in the 21st century, Blaire encourages audiences to challenge everything they thought they knew. Audiences love her energy, her down to earth approach and her depth of knowledge of business development and trends likely to influence future generations of entrepreneurs.

Chole Combi I Generation Z I Future Trends.

Chloe Combi’s debut nonfiction title Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives, is an illuminating, journey through the lives of the teenagers born between 1994 and 2005. Focusing on Generation Z, Generation A, Chole tunes into young people’s relationships, education, the impact of technology and social media, self-esteem, identity and future-trends.

Chole Combi Writer Speaker Consultant Futurist Generation Z book at Great British Speakers

David Saddington | Environmentalist | Climate Change Influencer.

David Saddington is a young British environmentalist and climate change influencer who has revolutionised government policy and sustainable business strategy.  He’s hosted lectures up and down the country as well as overseas, on climate change and our environmental impact. David is on a mission to get climate change education into schools. He is the perfect speaker for any young adult looking to make an environmental impact to sustain their future.

David Saddington English climate change expert speaker at Great British Speakers

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE | STEM Education | Tech | Diversity

Tech is a booming industry with growing importance in any given economy, but it is also suffering from a large skill shortage at a time when a criminally low proportion of women are entering and staying in the field.  Anne-Marie will dissect the HERstory of the tech industry of the past and present and discuss what we can do to cultivate future tech leaders.

Check out a snippet of Dr. Anne-Marie’s Tech Landscape talk below and to view more of her keynote topics. CLICK HERE

Sam Jones I Mental Health I Entrepreneur I Influencer.


Being on Job Seekers Allowance at 21 inspired Sam to build the career he has today. Sam now works with individuals and global brands, often using his unique T.I.M.E. research to help them perform better and feel better. He currently reaches 25 – 35,000 people a week on Instagram, mainly 20-35-year-olds with a focus on mental wellbeing.

Alexis Conran | ‘The Real Hustle’ | Fraud Security |Body Language

For anyone looking to start a career in the field of law or psychology, Alexis Conran offers a keynote that is truly unique. Having created and executed over 500 scam scenarios himself, he is able to discuss a variety of issues of the real world and online fraud. He is also an expert in human behaviour patterns, body language and con-artistry, stemmed from an early age through his enjoyment of magic and illusions.

Alexis Conran Psychology Expert Real Hustle Host Fraud/Security Expert bookings Great British Speakers

The talents above are just a handful of the speakers we have at Great British Speakers, who are available to book for your event. Other talents include:

July 15th is World Youth Skills Day.

If you’re an employer running an apprenticeship or internship, or perhaps you work with school leavers or uni-grads about to make their way into the working world, then an entrepreneurial speaker is a fantastic way to leave a lasting impression and offer adaptable skills young adults will be able to take with them into their future careers.

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