Working with Child Voices – at Great British Voices

9th Apr 2021

At Great British Voices we have a variety of child and teenage voice talents, available for commercials, corporate videos & more…

We work closely with parents and local councils to ensure the children are well guided during the recording process and have all the correct licensing in place to record your material.

As kids voices can change rapidly, we don’t keep demos on the website. However, please get in touch and we can send over up-to-date demos of our child and teen voices that match your brief.

Alternatively if you’re looking for a teen voice, then many of our adult voiceover artists can voice younger with ease. Take a listen to some of our young adult voices here.

Make An Enquiry

At Great British Voices, we’re excited to be working alongside many national and international companies and brands on a variety of both corporate and commercial projects.

We have 100’s of professional adult British and international voiceover artists, as well as child voiceover artists, all with home studio facilities or access to a professional recording studio with dial-in facilities. 

So, no matter the voice you’re after, we’re here to help with top customer service and competitive rates.

And whether you’re a seasoned pro at booking voice talent, or just plain curious as to how we can help with future projects, contact voiceover agent Alex at Great British Voices can help with your enquiry.

From your brief and budget, to organising personal shortlists, custom-demos and auditions, we do the search so you don’t have to.

If you need a Kids Voice for any voiceover project Contact us at Great British Voices or call 01753 439389 to speak to one of the Great British UK Team

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