Victoria R.


Victoria R.

As a Lancashire voiceover artist, Victoria’s natural speaking voice has a lovely northern lilt.  Her voice has been described as clear, engaging, reassuring and genuine. She also regularly works in standard British RP.

With her own custom-built studio, Victoria is happy to offer a quick turnaround of audio. She’s also very friendly and easy to work with.

Type Of Voice Artist


“Victoria is the dream VO! She’s prompt and brilliant with direction. Her voice elevates every project she delivers for us.” – Giles Gear, Programme Manager, Union Jack Radio

“Victoria is sharp, efficient and professional. Best of all, we rarely ask for a retake or further amendments. We will always work with Victoria – she is an asset to us.” – Nikson Low, Founder and Content Creator, ILoveReading

“Victoria has the kind of voice that feels familiar and trustworthy. Recordings were ready in a day, with an excellent quality, both technically and artistically. I enjoyed working with her.” – Anna Sopova, SmartTel Plus PLC

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