Tom C.


Tom C.

Tom is a young, fresh and exciting voice talent in his early 20s – meaning he can voice teen and young adult characters with general ease.

Tom has had a military background and has therefore relocated many times in his life so he can perform a wide variety of British accents.  These include, but aren’t limited to: London (general & Cockney), Liverpool, Newcastle, Southern Welsh, West Country, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Northern Irish, Southern Irish, Scotland, Essex, Midlands and more! But naturally, he has a young-sounding, Midland / RP accent.

To book Tom for your voiceover project contact us at Great British Voices.

Type Of Voice Artist

Similar Talent

  • NeutralRp
  • 40’s/50’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Distinctive, Deep, Rich
  • RP. London (Accents)
  • 20’s/30’s
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  • Warm, Friendly, Authentic
  • NeutralRp. London
  • 20’s/30’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Distinctive, Confident, Cool
  • Neutural Rp. Northern
  • 40’s +
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Animated, Articulate, Bright