Sarah B.


Sarah B.

Sarah is a professionally trained, award-winning and multi-award nominated, full-time VO with a pro-studio. Her voice is described as Reassuring, Clear and Bright. Her accent is naturally neutral/ RP. Voice age Teens – 30s. She specialises in commercial and corporate voiceover including medical narration. Sarah prides herself on being extremely efficient, organised and having a bubbly personality with a strong silly gene. All must-haves in this line of work!




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I’m an animator and I put her forward with ten other voiceover artists to my client that wanted a middle-class Northern accent. That’s obviously not Sarah, but her voice was picked anyway, because of her stand-out enunciation, just leagues above the others. A superb voice and is a delight to work with. Highly recommend.
Will Baxter, Visual Thinker

Working with Sarah was a really smooth experience. She delivered all the work very quickly and didn’t need any direction to produce an excellent-sounding voiceover. I couldn’t ask for better.
Stefan, Production Manager, Clearhead

Your voice was a dream to work with and all of the different reads you gave on the session gave me so much to play with.
Rick Loynes, Creative Producer, Bauer Media

Sarah is a brilliant VO artist, and we are delighted that she’s lent her considerable talents to become ‘the voice of Sook’ – imbuing our video content with a sense of fun and approachability while helping motivate and inspire our community to take action. Thank you, Sarah!
Jenni Rayner, Head of Content and Communications, Sook

Sarah is an exceptional voiceover. When I was looking for new talent, Sarah’s voice stood out, and was the perfect match for one of our big clients. I can always rely on her to deliver top-quality audio with a fast turnaround. Highly recommended!
Danny Rhodes, Head of Commercial Production, KMFM

Sarah narrated my novel, All Grown Up as an audiobook. This was a huge challenge, as the book has a very diverse cast of characters, featuring a range of accents, including Scottish, West Indian and Zimbabwean, as well as South London and RP. Sarah’s interpretation was immaculate, and she managed to imbue each character with their own distinctive voice. She is very expressive and sensitive to nuance, and her timing and pacing are pitch perfect. Not only is she a talented voice artist, she is also extremely professional. She has incredibly high standards, has a refreshing respect for deadlines and is happy to re-work a reading until it is just right. She is highly, highly recommended. It’s not possible to hire someone more willing to fill a brief exactly to the client’s expectations. I’m looking forward to working with her again.
Catherine Evans, Author of “All Grown Up”

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