Sarah B.


Sarah B.

Sarah is an award-winning full-time VO with a pro-home studio. Her voice is described as Reassuring, Clear and Bright.  Her accent is naturally neutral/ RP.  Voice age 20s-40s She works with creatives transforming your written scripts into captivating messages with her warm, relatable voice and prides herself on being extremely efficient, organised and having a bubbly personality with a strong silly gene. All must-haves in this line of work!




Type Of Voice Artist


“I’m an animator and I put her forward with ten other voiceover artists to my client that wanted a middle-class Northern accent. That’s obviously not Sarah, but her voice was picked anyway, because of her stand-out enunciation, just leagues above the others. A superb voice and is a delight to work with. Highly recommend.” ​Will Baxter, Visual Thinker

“Working with Sarah was a really smooth experience. She delivered all the work very quickly and didn’t need any direction to produce an excellent-sounding voiceover. I couldn’t ask for better.”Stefan, Production Manager, Clearhead

“Sarah is a brilliant VO artist, and we are delighted that she’s lent her considerable talents to become ‘the voice of Sook’ – imbuing our video content with a sense of fun and approachability while helping motivate and inspire our community to take action. Thank you, Sarah!”  -​ Jenni Rayner, Head of Content and Communications, Sook

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