Tim D.


Tim D.

Tim is a British male voiceover artist and voice actor based in London.

Tim’s natural accent is British RP.  He is able to provide various age ranges and animated character voices a speciality. Imitations and mimicry of other voices including famous male actors of the golden age of film.

Good singing voice in Bass/Baritone range. Tim can impersonate various world and U.K accents if required.

Type Of Voice Artist


I have availed myself of his talents for a number of dubbing roles, beginning on a couple of WB films, made in Germany and revoiced here in Great Britain for the English-speaking market. He has continued to work for our projects up to the Covid crisis, as we, like many, took a pause. He was punctual, versatile, took direction well and contributed generously to creating lively and enjoyable sessions, on each and every occasion he graced us with his presence. He has a good eye for sync and an old school microphone technique. We look forward to working with him once more, as we reopen the studios for these high-end film projects.

Ray Gillon WB International versioning supervisor, director and studio proprietor.

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