Tanya R.


Tanya R.

After working as a session and jingle singer, Tanya began her voicing career in 1986 starting out at Signal Radio in Stoke on Trent. Tanya works every day from her purpose-built studio. Aside from commercials, corporate narrations, e-learning and explainers, she makes hundreds of on-hold messages for clients from all over the world.


Type Of Voice Artist


Of the many voiceover artists I’ve worked with, Tanya stands out as uber- professional. That’s not simply in terms of narration, but also in the quality of service.  This was a challenging project with a complex script requiring a deep understanding of where and how to apply appropriate intonation – yet the process was effortless and the result flawless.  Tanya has the calm authority of a seasoned pro, and is a pleasure to work with. – Neil, The Copy House

I have worked with Tanya on numerous projects for many years, and she is fantastic to work with. I can give her a script, and she brings it to life, she takes direction really well, plus she will give me ideas that I’ve never thought of, so for me, it’s a great working partnership everytime. -Karl Svenson, Tadah Media Productions

Tanya has 2 things that money can’t buy – A great sounding voice and years of experience in using it to bring client’s scripts to life. Always a pleasure to work with. – Rob Bee, Bee Productive


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