Jonathan P.


Jonathan P.

Jonathan is a mature male voice described as ‘authoritative but friendly.’

He specialises in live broadcast and events and is a popular choice as a live ‘Voice of God’ announcer.

His accent is Rp English, but not posh.  Voice age 50+

Type Of Voice Artist


“I have worked with Jonathan as voiceover for a number of busy award shows. Jonathan has a great voice that cuts through any mumbling murmuring crowd cleanly. He is charming with the client and gives a word perfect delivery. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan for any job of this type.” – Tess Townsend, Producer/Showcaller

“Jonathan’s been my ‘go-to-person’ for Voice services for over 20 years. His sheer professionalism – you get what you ask for, when you need it – his ability to respond to what is happening and adapt as necessary: and the fact clients love his voice, which is a mixture of interest in what is being said with a note of authority: make him a great person to work with.” – Amanda Rayner, Producer

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