Ian R.


Ian R.

Ian is a 3-time ‘One Voice Award’ Winner, with a further 11 nominations for ‘One Voice’ and ‘SOVAS’ Awards, he is a talent in demand.

Winner UK Male Voice of the Year 2020
Winner UK Male Animation Voice of the Year 2020
Winner Male Gaming Voice of the Year 2021


Type Of Voice Artist


Ian is the kind of actor that you write characters for, just because you want to work with them. He’s professional, talented, accommodating and has the vocal stamina to take on some of the most challenging parts of Voiceover work.  When we at Overkill decided to undertake a potentially risky change in the plot of PAYDAY 2, we trusted Ian to take up the torch and lead the way for our fans. Above all, working with him is simply… fun!  – Tobias Remmers – Producer – Starbreeze Studios – Payday 2

All the voices are now approved by Games Workshop and ready to be released very soon.
Thank you very much for your help, and looking forward to working together again in the future with more characters!  – Andres Tallos CEO – Everguild Games – The Horus Legacy

Ian did a fantastic job for me on a very fast turn around and produced exactly what I needed. Nothing to fault, everything to praise.  – David Penney, Author, The Red Hill

Ian was a true pro. Not just good voiceover, a true voice actor! He nailed the nuance of our script and character and really went above and beyond to help us fulfil the vision!  – Andy Garcia – Second Mile Films

We are extremely happy with Ian’s work. His performance adds a level polish to our PC strategy game, Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire, that was previously unimagined. From everyone at Membraine, a most sincere Thank You, Ian—you are amazing!  Membraine Studios

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