Gwen has a confident, warm and engaging natural voice.  Born in South East England, Gwen was brought up in Wales, and went on to become an Australian citizen, and has a range of accents to match.

Type Of Voice Artist


She’s not just a voice, she’s a storyteller, a passionate, imaginative and inspirational one. – Lee Markham, Chestnut Tree Tales

Gwen is always a pleasure to work with, she has a fantastic voice with compassionate delivery. Work is always returned quickly and my clients love the natural tones, the emphasis and warmth in her voice. She’s one of my go-to voice actors. – Simeon Lloyd – Director, Simeon Lloyd Studios

Whatever your voiceover requirement, you can rest assured that it’ll sound great, and getting the end result is also stress-free as Gwen is a breeze to work with, very friendly, but most of all professional. – Toby Ellis, Director, Pure West Radio

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