Young British Voiceover Artist Elisa at Great British Voices




Elisa’s voice can be heard daily across all areas of the VO industry.

Her tone is natural and relatable with clients including Disney, BBC, Superdrug, Always and many others.

As a professionally trained actor, Elisa is easy to direct and fun to work with. Her accent is neutral English but can adapt it for a more edgy London sound.

Having spent many years in Glasgow, Elisa also voices daily in a Scottish accent for clients north of the border.


Type Of Voice Artist

Similar Talent

  • NeutralRp.French
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Bright, Clear, Friendly
  • Fashion & Wellbeing
  • Entertainment
  • Known For: Musician/Singer
  • Accent: Rp/Midlands
  • Spanish.Latin American
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Studio Location: USA
  • Natural, Engaging, Commercial
  • Northern ‘Geordie’
  • 20’s/30’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Dynamic, Warm, Real