Sara ST.


Sara ST.

Sara is a multi-award-winning voiceover and a true professional. Naturally friendly, versatile and approachable, she has over thirty years of industry experience working with the BBC and corporate and commercial clients across the globe – and they keep coming back for more!
Sara’s voice has been described as ‘wondrously warm – a reassuring cup of cocoa’, to calm, clear, classy, assured, trustworthy & ‘simply magical’!
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Sara understands the way a script should sound with very little input from a producer or director, she just “Gets it”. That’s why we use her, and will continue to use her, it just makes our job as producer’s easy.
Simon Wood, Dubmaster Studios.

Sara has a surprisingly young voice for her age – so her unusual combination of a youthful voice with years of experience is a rare talent. She is reliable, friendly and delivers high-quality work to often tight deadlines every time.
Ricky Salmon, BigFish Media.

It has been such a privilege to collaborate with Sara on projects. To state what should be obvious, Sara has an incredible voice, but what truly sets her apart is her ability to interpret her role so effectively, and with little direction needed throughout the process. She understands the content, and in our case, the brand she is representing, and as a result, has the ability to effectively connect listeners with the message. In addition, with even the tightest schedules, Sara has always been able to deliver what was needed, when we needed it. It is always a pleasure to work with Sara and I certainly look forward to future projects together.
Eric Pound, StudioNorth

From her professionalism, responsiveness and kind demeanour, to her utterly unique and wonderful voice! She has taken any work I’ve sent her way and elevated it to amazing new heights, bringing character, authenticity and charisma to every read she provides. Sara puts the Star in Starling!
Rick, Bauer Media

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