What Does Your Leadership Look Like In The Post-COVID World?

14th Jun 2021

With all the turmoil that the last year of COVID-lockdown has created, it’s crucially important that your organisation has the right direction and leadership to flourish as we all begin to recover and work with a ‘new normal.’

Michael Anderson, MBA, MA has a striking combination that creates truly impactful transformation in leaders – he has the real-life business success of founding, scaling and exiting three software companies, plus the educational background of a Masters Degree in Psychology.

Michael Anderson Tech leadership Entrepreneur inspirational keynote Speaker at Great British Speakers

This combination gives him the unique ability to connect to other leaders as equals with evidence-based leadership skills that genuinely drive positive behaviour and performance.

It’s for this reason that Stanford University hired him to help enhance their success for their start-up ecosystem, PwC book him to work with their high growth CEO’s, and companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Uber bring him to level-up their managers and executives.

With this illustrious track record R Michael Anderson is uniquely positioned to help organisations leverage the opportunities for exponential growth that emerging from the pandemic lockdown provides.

Here he talks to Great British Speakers founder Jane Farnham about leadership in the ‘new normal’.

While some companies are just looking for a speaker, others want to truly heighten their managers and executives leadership skills. Michael’s background in psychology and neuroscience gives him the knowledge and experience to work with you to create a plan to teach skills, change behaviours, and drive performance throughout all levels of the organization.

Michael is not only a brilliant leadership speaker, he provides in-depth immersive courses and mentoring to cohort teams in an organisation.

He takes his well-known leadership content and delivers it in a combination of masterclasses, accountability sessions, and coaching to give maximum effect in the shortest amount of time.

As a direct result of Michael’s foresight into current leadership techniques he has a new book on release and an accompanying talk:

Leading in the Next Normal: A Guide to Building an Engaged, Resilient and Agile Virtual Workforce.

Leading in the next normal R Michael Anderson keynote leadership speaker at Great British Speakers

You can learn the 12 Principles to leading an emotional healthy, change enabled, high-performance team.

Course Format – Course consists of four aspects all centered around practical experience and behavior change:

These typically include…

  • Content – learning skills and tools
  • Implementation – exercises are given to use in everyday business life
  • Community – a closed, safe place to get support and motivation from other leaders going through the course that Michael is heavily involved in and moderates
  • Coaching & Mentoring – get direct live access to Michael for questions and clarification

The nature of the courses are 20% content, 80% practice. Attendees learn new skills and practice the next week using them in their everyday life, leading to new habits, skills, and behaviours.

Call +44 1753 439 289 or email Great British Speakers now to book keynote leadership speaker  Michael Anderson for your next live or virtual hybrid event. 

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