Top 10 Exceptional High Performance Speakers to Ignite Your Team’s Drive for Success

31st Aug 2023

Hiring a high performance speaker can offer a range of benefits and advantages for various events, organisations, and purposes. High-performance speakers are often hired for enhance leadership skills, increase business development, boost team performance and motivate audiences to succeed and achieve in anything they set their minds to.

And when hiring high-performance speaker, it’s important to consider the relevance of their expertise to your audience and goals, their track record of successful engagements, and how well their style and message align with the objectives of your event or organisation.

Our Great British Speakers, specialise in delivering talks, workshops, and presentations that inspire, educate, and empower audiences in both the business and personal realms play a crucial role in motivating individuals to reach their full potential. These speakers often cover a wide range of topics related to personal growth, professional development, leadership, and success strategies.

Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring a high-performance speaker.

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Our Top 10 High Performance Speakers

Introducing our Top 10 High-Performance Keynote Speakers. These individuals are not just speakers; they are catalysts for change, igniting the spark of inspiration that propels individuals and organisations towards excellence. Get ready to be motivated, enlightened, and empowered by our High Performance expert speakers.

1. Maggie Alphonsi MBE | High Performance Speaker

Carving a path of success as a female athlete in a predominantly male sport is a formidable accomplishment in itself. However, when compounded with the adversity of racial discrimination, Maggie Alphonsi was presented with the most formidable trials to overcome. Maggie’s wealth of personal stories not only inspire her audience but also shed light on the realms of elite sports, leadership, performance handling pressure, and embracing diversity.

Maggie Alphonsi MBE hire Womens Female England Rugby World Cup Winner Motivational Inspirational high-performance speaker agent Great British Speakers

2. Chris Boardman MBE | High Performance Speaker

Chris Boardman‘s journey from Olympic cyclist to an advocate for high-performance teams has captivated audiences around the globe. As a speaker, Chris Boardman offers more than just tales of victories and challenges. He imparts a wealth of wisdom drawn from his experiences as a cyclist, a record-breaker, and a pioneer in aerodynamic design. His insights into the world of high-performance teams resonate deeply with those seeking to optimize their collaborative efforts, whether on the track or in the boardroom.

Chris Boardman MBE - Gold Barcelona Olympics Cyclist Teambuilding high-performance speaker at Great British Speakers

3. Matthew Syed | High Performance Speaker

Matthew Syed stands as a prominent figure in the realm of high performance and cultural transformation, wielding significant influence as a leading thinker. His body of work delves into a captivating perspective on achieving excellence within the intricate landscape of a rapidly evolving world. By delving into the profound interplay between mindset and high performance, Matthew illuminates the pathway for organisations to harness latent capabilities within both individuals and teams. This process not only fosters innovation and adaptability but also lays the foundation for a resilient and future-ready environment.


4. Simon Ong | High Performance Speaker

Simon Ong is an entrepreneur, performance coach, and captivating speaker. His clientele boasts a diverse array of backgrounds, yet they are united by a common belief: the paramount importance of self-investment. With a focus on high-performance keynote talks, Simon empowers individuals from various walks of life to embrace personal growth as the ultimate investment. His insights resonate deeply, transcending boundaries and inspiring audiences to unlock their fullest potential.

Simon-Ong-Coach-Speaker-Business-Strategist-mental health speaker personal development at-Great-British-Speakers

5. Penny Mallory | High Performance Speaker

Penny Mallory, is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker in the realm of high performance. With expertise in psychological performance, she collaborates with world-class teams to enhance their performance strategies and achieve. Her extensive portfolio encompasses a spectrum of individuals, from world championship rally drivers to young offenders. Penny’s focus extends to orchestrating transformative change and cultivating excellence within both individuals and teams, solidifying her reputation as a catalyst for achieving an ultimate goal.


6. Martin Robert Hall | High Performance Speaker

Martin Robert Hall is a sought-after performance coach who serves as an advisor to elite athletes and aspiring leaders. His mission centers on empowering organisations to unlock their maximum potential, ensuring consistent high-level performance and the creation of high-performing teams.

Martin’s narrative approach leaves his audience equipped with straightforward yet impactful techniques to enhance performance and elevate success rates. His delivery is characterised by transparency and candor, as he generously shares his own personal journey, victories, setbacks, and anecdotes involving world-class athletes he has collaborated with. Having addressed audiences in numerous countries spanning various sectors, Martin’s engaging, informative, and influential speaking style promises both entertainment and empowerment.

Martin Robert Hall - hire award-winning speaker author high-performance speaker sport business coach at Great British Speakers

7. Luke Tyburski | High Performance Speaker

Luke Tyburski stands as an ultra-athlete, adventurer, writer, and motivational keynote speaker, imparting his audiences with education through his optimistic outlook, infectious passion, and a compelling narrative. Serving as a speaker focused on optimal performance, he addresses topics including:

  • Cultivating a Mindset for Achievement
  • Reducing Pessimistic Thoughts
  • Significance of Mental Health and Cognitive Excellence
  • Transforming Self-Doubt into Self-Assurance
  • Embracing the Attitude of High Performance
Luke Tyburski Ultra athlete high performance coach mentor motivational speaker host agent Great British Speakers

8. Alison Edgar MBE | High Performance Speaker

Alison Edgar is a proficient in elevating organisational performance. Drawing from her extensive experience advising entrepreneurial ventures, Alison has dissected the pivotal elements underpinning their success. She adeptly translates these insights to larger corporations, amplifying their drive, communication, and adaptability. Renowned for her hands-on methodologies, which teams can readily integrate, as well as her pioneering and enduring influence on audiences, Alison Edgar is a prominent figure in the field of business.

9. Phil Jones MBE | High Performance Speaker

Phil Jones is a seasoned speaker who has graced over fifty business conferences, where he imparts his insights on Leadership, Effective Thinking, The Winning Patterns of Successful People, and Workplace Culture. He dubs himself a ‘practivational’ speaker, driven to furnish practical perspectives and actionable takeaways to both keynote audiences and as a conference MC.

In his keynote presentation titled “Building a High-Performance Work Culture,” Phil focuses on the remarkable journey of Brother UK, recognized as a Platinum Investors in People (IIP) workplace – a distinction held by just a few in the UK. The company was recently lauded as the top achiever at the IIP national awards for its efforts in cultivating an adaptive workplace.

Phil delves into the process of constructing such a culture and workplace ethos, highlighting the obstacles faced along the path and revealing insights applicable to other businesses aiming to adopt best practices. During his presentation, he sheds light on Brother UK’s transformative journey, delving into the rationale and essence of embracing an employee engagement philosophy. He also shares the tangible outcomes and advantages that have been realized as a result of this approach.

Phil Jones MBE leadership inspirational motivational speaker host moderator UK Brother at Great British Speakers

10. Sir Clive Woodward | High Performance Speaker

Inspired by his business experience and his position as a former England rugby player and coach who lead the England team to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup, Sir Clive Woodward delves into the significance of learning and teamwork within the realm of high performance. He unravels how he guides teams and individuals towards fostering a culture of constant learning and advancement, emphasizing the power of collective growth. Drawing on his rich expertise, Clive underscores the vital role learning plays in achieving and sustaining excellence.

His talks are masterfully designed to ignite inspiration, motivation, and challenges to reach business performance goals. These presentations seamlessly intertwine practical tools with captivating video insights from his multifaceted career as a businessman, athlete, and coach, serving as a rich and illustrious backdrop to his impactful messages.


Hire a High-Performance Speaker

Enlisting on of our high-performance speaker brings forth a myriad of advantages that resonate long after their time in the spotlight. Beyond merely delivering a speech, our speakers possess the capacity to ignite inspiration, fuel motivation within your team, nurture individual development, and elevate your brand’s standing. The ripple effect of their influence can leave an enduring imprint. By embracing the potential of a high-performance speaker, you open the doors to profound transformation, exponential growth, and resounding achievement. Embrace this opportunity and witness the remarkable value they infuse into your journey, your team’s dynamics, or the essence of your event. To book a high performance speaker contact us at Great British Speakers today.

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