Penny Mallory – Keynote Talk – World Class Thinking

1st Jun 2020
What makes a great Motivational Speaker? Penny believes it is one that challenges existing thinking and promotes new behaviour. Here we feature Penny’s keynote on World Class Thinking.
It is Penny’s wide range of experiences in sport, adventure and business that have made her keynotes acclaimed international favourites for many of the world’s most powerful and storied brands.
Penny Mallory expert Keynote Speaker Psychological Performance Coach former female rally car champion at Great British Speakers

Who needs this keynote?

  • Organisations looking to transform performance and harness a winning culture
  • People looking to reinvigorate their passion and create meaningful change

What will the delegates learn?

  • Delegates will reconnect with their vision, passion and purpose of life
  • Delegates will learn how to increase optimism, confidence, resilience, character, grit and attitude
  • Delegates will discover how to transform personal and business performance by improving wellbeing for themselves and others

World Class performers understand they have to make sacrifices to get to the top. They invest their skill and emotion into the long game. They continually dive into uncharted territory to discover where their winning edge might lie. And by definition, breaking new ground means that taking risks is inevitable. And things don’t always go to plan.

Top performers know that things will not always go their way. Their attitude and approach are to pick themselves up and go again. and again. Their resilience is unshakeable.

Their attitude is one of learning and growing, despite the inevitable setbacks and blockers. Instead of ‘failure’, their perspective is one of ‘learning’. No one ever started out being brilliant.

Everyone learned their skills through exploration, deliberate practice, hard work, endeavour and resilience. Your actions and behaviours come from what you think, and how you think.

To behave differently you have to think differently. Flexible thinking, your attitude, and your approach underlie your success.

As a leader your role is to change things; to continually and relentlessly move things forward and break new ground. If you are not doing that, you are simply managing. If change is to be made, something must stop, and something must start. Change requires a commitment from everyone. Achieving meaningful change and results can only come from establishing the right thoughts and attitudes, by engaging different outlooks and perspectives. Creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Don’t forget that ‘compliant’ people are dangerous because they say yes, but think no. They are not truly bought into the change and are not fully committed. Understanding the difference between compliance and commitment is vital.

World Class Thinking and World Class Behaviour starts with your mindset. With the right attitude, approach and mindset you will optimise your commitment, talent, creativity, opportunity and results. As a former Rally Champion, Penny shares her understanding of the qualities needed to perform at a higher level, and they can all be implemented immediately.

Being World Class is a choice. Is it a choice you can afford not to make?

Follow up activity

Many organisations choose to follow up from the keynote session with bespoke workshops, breakout sessions and coaching for teams and individuals.

Please ask about the Mental Toughness Program and Leadership Development Program for further information. 

About Penny

Penny Mallory is an International Keynote Speaker who draws on her experiences as a homeless teenager who fulfilled her impossible dream of becoming a Champion Rally Driver. Against all the odds, Penny became the first (and remains the only) woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car, for the Ford Rally Team.
She is an expert in Mental Performance. Not only has she competed in the World Rally Championship, but she has also run multiple marathons, climbed the worlds highest summits, and fought in two boxing matches, amongst other things!

Penny is a Psychological Performance Coach who works within Sport and Business to improve performance and results, and create World Class Teams.

To find out more about Penny go to her full bio page HERE and see her introduction video clip below:

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