Great British Presenters News Anchor Louisa heads to the Stock Exchange

5th Sep 2018

Louisa is an accomplished news and sports presenter on SKY TV so when our client, an established financial publication needed a heavyweight interviewer for one of their prestigious financial clients within only a few days notice we had no reservations in sending her along.

She was able to assimilate the requirements of the finished project rapidly and produce a job the client was delighted with.

As a trained journalist she is able to set questions to the publishers’ client ahead of the filming day, review them – and the prospective answers with the interviewee well ahead of time. All this without close direction from the publisher themselves enabling them to get on with their own business. Quite often the client interviewee is answering questions in their second language, another scenario where things can go horribly wrong and where upfront research with the journalist pays off, particularly if the event is live-streamed rather than a recorded video programme.

Louisa is also very adept at handling the publishers’ client, who may be a senior financial figure, though is not necessarily media savvy. Worse than that quite senior business figures who often assume they’re looking professional in front of the camera come across really badly. These situations can be quite delicate to manage and it’s where a professional journalist really comes into their own.

Louisa is just one of an acclaimed team of business and finance experts at GREAT BRITISH PRESENTERS so take a look at them here.

See the result of Louisa’s latest financial programme below at the Stock Exchange, London.

To hire broadcast journalisLouisa contact us. Or call Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters on 01753 439 289

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