Lockdown 3.0 – The Best ‘Work From Home’ Motivational Speakers.

10th Jan 2021

So lockdown 3.0 is here, and working from home continues to be the norm for many. But, it comes at a cost – and we don’t just mean financially, but physical and mental health too!

Addressing these issues and motivating and engaging with colleagues remotely is even more critical than before.

That’s why we’ve put together some of the best keynote motivational speakers who can offer engaging ‘working from home’ talks.

Some will simply inspire, others will make you chuckle and others will provide you with real ‘take away’ benefits to make your life easier and fun.

Work From Home Mental Health Speakers


Owen O’Kane is a psychotherapist and author of the globally acclaimed, Ten To Zen. He has over 25 years of experience in the mental health sector, occupying the role of Mental Health Clinical Lead for the NHS for many years.

This experience has provided Owen with the necessary skills to analyse any mental, emotional, or stress-related issue with the utmost efficiency. Owen believes that a great mind warrants unprecedented improvements for every aspect of daily working life.

Owen has developed a series of topics to help you through working remotely, Techniques to Reduce Stress, Improving Overall Mental Health, Creating a Calmer Happier You, Understanding the Anxious Mind, Developing Routines/Workouts for a Healthy Lifestyle

Here, Owen explains how he can help…

To book working from home mental health speaker Owen O’Kane contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 and for more information on Owen got to his full bio page HERE

Alex Staniforth - Everest climber inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers

Alex Staniforth is an extraordinary young guy who suffered various health issues early on resulting in bullying. He turned his entire life around by getting into the great outdoors. Contrary to some beliefs you can still get outdoors in lockdown not only improving your physical but mental health too. Alex is a founding director of Mind Over Mountains and he inspires you to adopt his positive mindset.


To book working from home mental health speaker Alex Staniforth contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 and for more information on Alex on his full bio page HERE

Keep active in lockdown with Joe Wicks, Amy Williams and Dame Kelly Holmes!

Keep active in lockdown with Kelly Holmes Joe Wicks and Amy Williams at Great British Speakers

There’s nothing like well know personality to get us off the sofa and motivated. We have a range of different personalities with online sessions and talks ready to get your team to the top!

We also have some of the great former Gladiators team members available including Dr Zoe Williams and Diane ‘Jet’ Youdale.


To book any of our work from home keep fit personalities contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 or see their full bio pages on the links above.

Eating the right food working from home – celebrity chef Dean Edwards lockdown food recipes

Dean Edwards master chef TV presenter cookery Demonstrator book at Great British Speakers

Dean is a massive hit with our cruise clients, we always know he’ll generate some fabulous meals for guests to try making at home and he’s doing the same with corporate clients having to cater under lockdown.

He can do the same for your team in an interactive virtual demo that’s both team-building fun and ensures your colleagues know how to create their own healthy meals from their own locked-down kitchen!

Dean is just one of our food and drink personalities in the team. Others include Fred Siriex, Levi Roots, Chris Bavin, John Torode, Greg Wallace, Mary Berry, Joe Fattorini, Tom Kerridge, Plant Based Pixie and Yotam Ottolenghi

To help get you in the mood here’s Dean’s Ultimate Butter Chilli Chicken Curry Recipe

To book Masterchef Dean Edwards or any of our working from home celebrity chefs contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 or see their full bio pages HERE.

Keep away from the temptation of drink and drugs while working from home

Just one more pinot? What harm could it do?

Well find out from Lauren Windle. She’s the colleague you sit next to (When you’re in work, that is.) and the girl next door.

No one likes to think it happens to them, sadly it does …and usually, you’re the last to acknowledge things slipping away.

Formerly an events executive, she’s been through all the nightmare drink and drugs experiences herself, now fully recovered, she is in the perfect position to give superb relatable advice. Not just to you but the people you care about around you.

She’s the perfect speaker for Dry January (virtual) events.

Here’s one of her TEDx talks on the subject…

To book addiction and recovery keynote speaker Lauren Windle, contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 or see Lauren’s full bio page HERE.

Be careful what you read – the terrible impact of fake and negative news in lockdown with Anis Qizilbash

When you’re working from home or even just isolated during the COVID lockdown the messages you absorb are more reliant than ever on social media and the influence of fake and negative news.

It’s important not to get sucked into a negative and an often un-justifeld, poor mindset by not having a balanced view of the information you’re taking in.

Below, Anis talks about this. It’s just part of a whole array of messages she can deliver to keep positive and objective in the face of adversity now and in the coming months.

To book mindful selling and positive mindset keynote speaker Anis Qizilbash, contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 or see her full bio page HERE.

Get Good at Working from Home with the fabulous Lee Jackson!

Lee Jackson get good motivator powerpoint coach get good work from home at Great British Speakers

Straight-talking Lee Jackson has two COVID WFH specific talks that really make a difference. All available in different lengths, videos, talks coaching etc

Get Good at Working from Home’ Covering motivation, productivity, resilience and online meetings.

‘Get Good at Presenting Online’ Covers management, delivery, moderating, engagement, creativity, confidence and pitching.

Here are a few top tips from Lee on virtual presenting.

To book Get Good at Working From Home keynote speaker Lee Jackson, contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 or see his full bio page HERE.

Double-dip recession – or not? Get your lockdown finances in order with Jasmine Birtles


Jasmine is a financial expert, TV presenter, author, journalist, business commentator and humorist.

Jasmine has money-saving ideas as well as wise spending habits. She’s a financial expert with a twist – unique in that she is able to combine her knowledge of business and personal finance with her comedy skills, making a worrying subject palatable and easy to understand.

Her mission is to demystify money and give practical advice to help people get out of debt and manage their finances by spending less, making more and investing for a secure future.

She has set up, and runs, Moneymagpie.com, a lifestyle-based money website which has information on all aspects of personal finance, environmental and ethical living and how to run a small business and make extra money. It is the country’s leading site for safe and legitimate money-making opportunities.

To book business and personal finance speaker Jasmine Birtles, contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 or see her full bio page HERE.

Working from Home with kids – all about coping Home Schooling


For the last 3 years, Blaire Palmer has been running her thriving business while home-educating her daughter. A single mother, Blaire has learnt the hard way how to organise herself, how to remain productive, how NOT to teach her child and some of the tricks to making it all work. 

Blaire will help parents working from home with kids at home figure out how to remain productive while balancing family responsibilities, all naturally enough delivered online to your desktops! 

See more on Blaire’s WFH with kids talks HERE


To book motivational keynote speaker Blaire Palmer, contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 or see her full bio page HERE.

Don’t forget to have a much-needed laugh during the COVID lockdown.

Jon Culshaw comedian impressionist after dinner speaker awards host book at Great British Speakers

We have a host of high-profile comedians in the team but if we had to choose one single stand-out, stand-up corporate act – and superb awards host we’d go for the fabulous Jo Caulfield.

She’s made her own niche in the corporate marketplace with brilliant feedback and is well known for doing her homework on your company and its people then including that in her performance. It goes without saying that over the last 10 months she’s honed her skills even sharper for virtual delivery.

To book a virtual lockdown comedian such as Jo Caulfield, contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439289 or see her full bio page HERE.

Make an Enquiry.

If you like what you hear and would like to book any of our talents, for our Top WFH (Work From Home) Motivational speakers, virtually or live, do get in touch.

Alternatively, if you need help finding a specialist artist not on our books then just e-mail Jane who will happily source an artist perfect for your project, or call 01753 439 289 to speak with a member of the Great British Speaker Team

We look forward to helping you with your next project.

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