Discover The Best Inspirational Speakers for Black History Month

30th Jun 2023

Inviting an Inspirational Speaker to speak or host your Black History Month event can hugely help to raise awareness on racial diversity, inclusion, and equality matters.

Our inspirational Black History Month Speakers can offer valuable insights, share personal stories of overcoming challenges, and provide motivation and inspiration to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Plus, by incorporating equality, inclusion, and diversity into team building, training, and workplace events is a crucial step in creating a better and more inclusive community. By actively learning about and addressing these important issues, businesses and organizations can foster an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Through their expertise and personal experiences, our Black History Month can provide a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities and offer strategies to promote diversity and inclusivity; such events can help educate employees and audiences, encouraging them to take actions that support equality and create positive change.

Discover our Top Inspirational Speakers for Black History Month 2023

Baroness Floella Benjamin DBE – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Floella  is an extraordinary individual whose life story and message inspire and uplift audiences worldwide. In her best-selling book, “Coming to England,” she recounts her childhood journey as a ten-year-old girl moving to England. Despite facing numerous adversities and obstacles, Floella’s positive attitude and resilience shine through as she shares her philosophy of life, encapsulated in her 3 C’s.

During her engaging talks, Floella takes her audience on an inspirational journey, demonstrating how they too can make a difference and create positive change, particularly for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through her charitable work, media appearances, and life in Parliament, she passionately conveys her mission to shift society’s focus to the crucial reality that “Childhood lasts a Lifetime.”



Asha Philip – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Asha Philip has achieved notable accomplishments in her career, just one of which being representing Great Britain at the Olympic Games and European Championships. Asha Philip’s performance at the Olympics and her contributions to the relay team showcased her talent and dedication to the sport. Her energetic and charismatic personality has also made her a notable figure in British athletics.

Colin Jackson CBE – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Colin Jackson is known for his down-to-earth and friendly demeanor, combined with a professional and charismatic approach. This has made him a sought-after figure for event speaking and hosting engagements.

In recent years, Colin has dedicated himself to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. He uses his first-hand experiences to advocate for diversity and inclusion. His confident and charismatic personality, combined with his athletic background, makes him an in-demand speaker on these important topics.

Dwayne Fields – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Dwayne Fields is an inspiring advocate for outdoor exploration and encouraging people to connect with nature and experience in which it can offer. Born and raised in inner-city London, Dwayne’s early years were influenced by the world of street gangs, which unfortunately led him to become a victim of both knife and gun crime.

However, a life-threatening incident served as a turning point for Dwayne. Determined to change his life, he embarked on a transformative journey, walking over 400 miles to reach the Magnetic North Pole. This incredible achievement not only showcased his personal resilience and determination but also shattered stereotypes from his upbringing, highlighting that one’s background and ethnicity should never limit what they can accomplish.

Inspiring Vanessa – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Despite her young age, Vanessa possesses a level of charisma and wisdom that surpasses many adult speakers in the industry.

Vanessa’s passion lies in personal development, and she embodies a relentless pursuit of growth and excellence. Her dedication to continuous improvement serves as a driving force behind her accomplishments and enables her to share valuable insights and life lessons with others.

One of Vanessa’s primary areas of focus is speaking at schools, where she addresses topics such as confidence, self-belief and what its like to be a teenager in a multicultural world. . Through her engaging presentations, she encourages students to embrace their true potential, believe in themselves, and develop the confidence needed to overcome challenges.

Mark Maciver – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Mark Maciver’s exceptional skills and contributions have earned him notable recognition. In 2018, he was honored with a Black British Business Award, a testament to his achievements and impact as a black business owner. Additionally, his outstanding work led to a nomination for an Evening Standard Business Award in 2019, solidifying his position as one of the top black business owners in the UK.

Beyond his personal success, Mark is dedicated to using his expertise to uplift and support others. He has participated in far-reaching campaigns that aim to inspire and empower individuals. Notably, he was involved in Nike’s “Nothing Beats a Londoner” campaign, which celebrated the diverse talents and accomplishments of young Londoners. Additionally, he contributed to Facebook’s “Let’s Get to Work” campaign in 2018/2019, highlighting the importance of professional development and career opportunities.

Nadia Jae – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Nadia’s experience as a radio presenter and her ability to effectively communicate and engage with her audience make her a valuable resource for individuals looking to enhance their communication skills. Nadia offers essential advice and practical tips on boosting confidence, public speaking, and utilizing different mediums such as writing, broadcasting, and podcasting. By sharing her own experiences and gathering insights from other professionals in various fields, she provides a diverse range of perspectives and strategies for individuals to learn from.

Nadia’s active presence on social media, including her significant following on TikTok, allows her to connect with a wide audience and inspire them to express themselves more confidently. Her social media platforms serve as an additional avenue for individuals to engage with her content, seek guidance, and find motivation.

Ortis Deely – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

TV presenter Ortis Deely is passionate the STEM fields. He’s worked with the British Science Museum and the Science Book Prize promoting STEM education, inclusivity, and an appreciation for science and technology among a broad audience. His passion and dedication contribute to creating a more inclusive and informed society when it comes to these important subjects.

Shaun Wallace – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Shaun’s long-standing role as a “Chaser” on the UK game show The Chase has made him a popular TV personality. However, away from his TV appearances, Shaun’s an advocate for social enterprise and actively utilizes his platform for positive impact. His goal is to motivate and encourage individuals to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles they may face along the way. Shaun’s dedication to speaking in educational settings showcases his commitment to supporting and empowering the next generation.

Stephen K Amos – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Stephen K Amos is widely recognized and celebrated for his performances on the international comedy circuit. His reputation as an inclusive and entertaining comedian has made him a popular choice for both television appearances and live events. Stephen has a unique ability to engage and entertain diverse audiences, blending observational humor with a sharp wit.

Stephen is also known for his advocacy of important social causes. He is passionate about anti-racism and actively supports the LGBT+ community. By leveraging his platform, Stephen shares his passions and promotes understanding and acceptance. His ability to blend humour with thought-provoking messages allows him to connect with audiences on a deeper level, sparking conversations and encouraging positive change.

Tyrell Charles – Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Tyrell Charles is a notable content creator and presenter who has carved a niche for himself in the realm of pop culture. With a deep passion for geek fandoms, he has established himself as a prominent figure within ”nerd communities” worldwide. In 2022, Tyrell was hired by Marvel to host content for their social channels, which celebrates some iconic Black superheroes!

As a content creator, Tyrell explores and discusses a broad range of topics, catering to the interests and curiosities of fellow enthusiasts. His content spans across movies, TV shows, comics, video games, and more, allowing him to engage with diverse fandoms and capture the attention of like-minded individuals. By sharing his insights, theories, and opinions, Tyrell has fostered a sense of community and connection among fans of various geek cultures.

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Latest News| Amar Latif – Kings Honours List 2023 -Inspirational Black History Month Speaker.

Traveleyes founder Amar Latif has been recognised in King Charles’ official birthday Honours list. Blind traveler Amar is an accomplished and sought-after international motivational speaker. He has delivered worldwide speeches covering many topics, including inspiration, positivity, entrepreneurship, travel and adventure and inclusivity.

Hire an inspirational Black History Month Speaker

Hiring a Speaker for Black History Month is an excellent way to celebrate and educate others about the contributions and experiences of Black individuals both throughout history and within society today. It’s a valuable opportunity to promote diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness.

If you need more inspiration check out Our Top 10 Keynote Speakers for Black History Month.

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