Get your food concept blown off the table with George Egg anarchist cook, blogger YouTube star!

5th Mar 2019

Food enthusiast and self-taught cook George Egg has made it his goal to change to way we cook and eat.


Away from the kitchen, he is also a popular stand-up comedian. His one-man show George Egg: Anarchist Cook premiered at the Brighton Fringe 2014. He has frequently appeared on television performed at international venues in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Holland, Spain, Hong Kong and India.


He is the co-writer of the popular blog: MEALMEN documenting his culinary life and passions, featuring opinion pieces, photographs and the recipes he cooks and invents for his family.

George Egg Anarchist cook YouTube blogger entertaining food speaker host at Great British Speakers

George studied Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Brighton. He has since hosted lectures there on his work. He has also lectured Southampton Solent University, ended up teaching the students the more important and valuable life-skill of cooking omelettes.

George Egg On TV

George has cooked on various tv shows. He did a bit on Great British Bake Off’s spin-off show ‘An Extra Slice’ and that’s available on Channel 4’s website. Find it HERE. He also did a spot on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ which attracted some horrible negative feedback on Twitter, but hey, that’s people. Anyway, make your own mind up when you watch it by clicking HERE. He also presented some cooking videos to promote the BBC Radio 4 ‘Food and Farming Awards’.

George Egg - Anarchist Cook book at Great British presenters

His unconventional cooking skills saw George front a three-film campaign for Vauxhall in which he drove around the country cooking for various tradespeople using the tools that they might have on their building sites and in their factories. Another ‘branded content’ presentation saw George fly to Toronto to front a campaign for Dewars Whisky in conjunction with Burns’ Night celebration ‘The Scotch Egg Club’. While in Canada George made various TV and Radio appearances in advance of the evening which he hosted and for which he designed and oversaw the menu using a mixture of traditional Scottish and Canadian ingredients.

To book George Egg contact Jane Farnham At Great British Speakers on 01753 439 289

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