Professional female TV presenter Sara Steps in at Short Notice

19th Jan 2017
Sara-Hollamby,-Model,-Media-Trainer,-Host,-TV-Presenter,-book at-Great-British-Presenters,

Sara delivers a stunning performance for retail video at short notice.

Sara-Hollamby,-Model,-Media-Trainer,-Host,-TV-Presenter,-book at-Great-British-Presenters,

Being a true professional, within 24 hours Sara was able to step in to fulfil an urgent role – not simply presenting – but acting in a last-minute video role for clients PBC last week.

PBC specialises in retail and finance areas of the media world so they know they can come to Great British Presenters and have a choice of financial and retail savvy professional presenters to choose from. You can do this on the site using our powerful SEARCH TOOL or our team will work closely alongside producers and directors to narrow their shortlist down, sometimes organising ‘self-tapes’ of sections of a sample script to show to their client, particularly if the client is based elsewhere in the world.

Thanks for helping me with getting Sara to come along on the shoot last week. It was very much appreciated and Sara was excellent, very willing to do whatever needed and a great attitude which made filming with her a pleasure.

Matt – Director PBC.

As if presenting and acting isn’t enough, female TV presenter Sara is also a model and runs a series of presenting courses to enable the likes of the rest of us to improve our presenting skill set. So if you’d like to benefit first hand from Saras’ expertise just get in TOUCH

For more information for over 200 British and International presenters at long or short notice simply Contact us

To hire female TV presenter Sara as a live host, presenter, or to present your video contact us.

To chat through a specific brief call Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters on 01753 439 289

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