Corporate Videos to Live Events – here’s what our Great British Presenters have been up to this Summer!

1st Sep 2021

Now events and businesses have started to open up again, our Great British Presenters have been back in the field – doing what they do best! From corporate videos to live hosting, our presenters have been very busy this summer. Here are just a few of the jobs our presenters have been part of over the last few months…

Home Studio Recording with Della

From her home studio, Della fronted this corporate video on mental health for the e-learning platform Be-Ready. Della’s home studio consists of a Nikon z50 camera, professional lights, microphone and green screen – so if you ever need a professional corporate video but have a tight deadline or need to keep production costs low, then hiring a presenter with a professional home studio is a great way to achieve this.

You can find out more about Della’s home studio recording setup here.

Spanish Presenter Veronica

Don’t be fooled by our British branding, at Great British Presenters we work alongside many international presenters too – some based here in the UK and others overseas, and all fluent in English. So no matter where you need to film or what language you need to film in, we can find the perfect international presenter for your project.

Just like this job we booked recently – when our E-learning client needed a UK-based Spanish speaking presenter for their corporate video, having worked with Veronica before, we knew she’d be a great fit. And luckily the client thought so too! Here she is filming in Spanish at Asia House, London.

To book Veronica contact Jane and Steve at

Live Hosting to Studio Presenting with James S.

Need a presenter comfortable with live events hosting – then James is a fantastic choice. James has had a brilliant summer ’techbusting’ for Vodafone’s internal training platform, hosting the semi-finals weekend for the VITALITY NETBALL SUPERLEAGUE and filming for IFBA, in a series helping PT’s grow their business.

Dave Mc’s at this Years Tough Mudder

Away from the studio, our Entertainment Presenter Dave was at the finish line at this year’s Tough Mudder Event.

An excellent event host, Dave is often booked to host entertainment and sporting events with us –

Michelle Interviews CEO’s of Market Research.

Michelle was booked via us at Great British Presenter to host for the investment research and advisory company – Edison Group. Michelle’s role was to interview Aspire CEO Tsachi Maimon and Edison Group Analyst Russell Pointon on the topic of online gambling.

Michelle is also available to book for voiceover work at Great British Voices

Laura Shooting on Green Screen for Tech Brand Dell..

Yes, that’s right – we’ve been working alongside Dell, who thought Laura would be a great fit for their corporate video – which were shot in London Camberwell Studios.

Orla hosts #Tokyo2020 Olympic Games

Sky Sports Presenter, Orla jetted off to Tokyo to host this year’s Olympic Games. Hosting throughout the 17-day event, Orla even hosted alongside Olympic Athlete turned sports presenter, Greg Rutherford (pictured).

To book Orla or Greg Rutherford contact

Make an Enquiry

If you’d like to book a presenter for a corporate video or to host a live event, then do get in touch with us – or call +44 1753 439 289 to speak to a member of the team.

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