A Chat With Futurist, Change & Innovation Speaker Adah Parris

4th Mar 2022

Introducing Futurist Speaker Adah Parris

Adah Parris is a storyteller who empathetically subverts the status quo by encouraging her audiences to become critical thinkers, creative innovators, philosophers and immersive storytellers. The creator of Cyborg Shamanism, an innovation model that subverts the ‘status quo’, drawing parallels between various digital and spiritual ecosystems, Adah has been recognised by Google as one of TEDTalks Global Emerging Innovators (2019) and in 2018, named one of the UK’s top 100 Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Leaders in Technology.

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Some of Adah’s Keynote Talks Include:

  • Are we looking for a new religion through our use of technology?
  • Find balance in a digital world that is constantly seeking meaning
  • The impact of the commodification of technology on the sense of self, curiosity and the potential for innovation
  • Can we achieve flow in a technological hyperconnected world?
  • Creating human blockchains (just watch the interview below to find out more)
  • Emerging technologies and storytelling

A Chat with Adah Parris

As part of our ‘Chat with…’ series at Great British Speakers, our director Jane Farnham, sat down with Adah to discuss her many titles, as a Futurist, cultural strategist, keynote speaker, STEM innovator and chair of mental health…

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