Ant Middleton: The Motivational Endurance Adventurer Now at Great British Speakers

1st Aug 2023

We are thrilled to announce the addition of an extraordinary individual to our esteemed roster.

Ant Middleton, the renowned motivational endurance adventurer, has joined our team to inspire and captivate audiences with his gripping tales of courage, resilience, and determination.

Here’s just a little intro to Ant Middleton’s background, and why he is the perfect choice to motivate and uplift audiences at your next event.

Ant Middleton’s journey to a motivational endurance adventurer is nothing short of inspiring. Through his military background, television appearances, and endurance challenges, he has become a symbol of unwavering determination and an advocate for personal growth.

Ant imparts invaluable insights and experiences gained during his military career and beyond. He encourages individuals and organizations to unlock their potential, embrace adversity, and adopt a warrior mindset to achieve success.

Now, as part of the Great British Speakers, Ant Middleton stands ready to share his empowering message with our clients worldwide. Hire him for your next event, and witness the transformational power of his keynote talks.

Ant Middleton Who Dares Wins SAS Special Forces Motivational Speaker at Great British Speakers

Ant Middleton: Background

TV Career:
Ant Middleton’s journey to international recognition began with his appearance as the Chief Instructor on the Channel 4 reality series, SAS: Who Dares Wins. The show puts civilian volunteers through rigorous SAS-style training to test their mental and physical strength. As the tough-talking but inspirational Chief Instructor, Ant’s leadership and motivational prowess captivated millions of viewers.

Motivational Speaking:
With his growing popularity as a TV personality, Ant Middleton ventured into the world of motivational speaking. Drawing on his vast experiences as a soldier and adventurer, he delivers powerful keynote speeches that emphasize the importance of mindset, resilience, and leadership. His talks have motivated countless individuals to push their limits and conquer their fears.

Endurance Adventures:
In addition to his speaking engagements, Middleton continued to embark on adrenaline-fueled endurance adventures. From crossing the Sahara Desert to rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, each challenge pushes him to the brink, proving that determination knows no bounds.


Ant Middleton: Speaking Topics

1. “Embarking on the Journey to Achievement: Setting and Conquering Goals”:
In this keynote, Ant Middleton emphasizes the significance of setting clear and ambitious goals. He shares strategies for staying committed, navigating obstacles, and ultimately conquering these objectives. Ant’s captivating stories of perseverance and determination serve as a motivational force, encouraging individuals to reach for the stars and turn dreams into reality.

2. “The Winning Attitude: Harnessing the Power of Positive Mindset”:
Ant Middleton firmly believes in the transformative power of attitude. In this keynote, he delves into the impact of a positive and growth-oriented mindset. Ant provides practical tools to overcome self-limiting beliefs and adopt a winning attitude that paves the way for success. By redefining challenges as opportunities, he inspires audiences to seize every moment with unwavering optimism.

3. “Leadership Lessons: Inspiring Excellence from the Frontlines”:
Drawing from his experiences as a Special Forces leader, Ant shares invaluable leadership lessons in this keynote. He delves into the qualities that define exceptional leaders, such as integrity, empathy, and decisiveness. By revealing the essence of true leadership, Ant empowers individuals to lead by example and inspire others to achieve greatness.

4. “Mindset Mastery for Peak Performance”:
Unlocking peak performance begins with mindset mastery. In this keynote, Ant Middleton explores the potential of transformative thinking. By breaking free from limiting beliefs and embracing a growth mindset, he guides individuals towards harnessing their full capabilities and achieving extraordinary results in both personal and professional endeavors.

5. “Igniting the Inner Fire: Unleashing Motivation”:
Ant’s captivating journey is a testament to the power of intrinsic motivation. In this keynote, he shares his secrets to maintaining motivation even during the most challenging times. By tapping into one’s passion and drive, Ant encourages audiences to fuel their inner fire and persist relentlessly in the pursuit of their aspirations.

6. “Survival Strategies: Navigating Change with Resilience”:
Surviving and thriving in a dynamic world requires resilience. In this keynote, Ant draws upon his survival experiences to discuss the importance of adaptability in the face of change. By equipping individuals with the tools to embrace change positively, Ant empowers them to emerge stronger and more adaptable in the face of uncertainty.

7. “The Power of Teamwork: Achieving Synergy for Collective Success”:
Teamwork lies at the heart of Ant Middleton’s triumphs. In this keynote, he emphasizes the significance of effective teamwork and the transformative impact of collaborative efforts. By fostering trust, communication, and a shared vision, Ant inspires audiences to work cohesively and achieve collective excellence.

Ant Middleton Hire Who Dares Wins SAS Special Forces Motivational Speaker at Great British Speakers

Book Ant Middleton for Your Next Event

Whether you’re organising a corporate conference, team-building event, or motivational seminar, Ant Middleton’s presence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your audience. His ability to instil confidence, foster resilience, and encourage personal growth is unparalleled.

To hire motivational endurance and resilience speaker Ant Middleton, contact the team at Great British Speakers today.  Email Jane and Steve at or call +44 1753 439 289


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