With a distinctive, cultured and compelling voice, Tim is a mature British male VO who delivers depth and gravitas through his reassuring, authoritative and trustworthy voiceover reads.


Type Of Voice Artist

4829 (RP) Neutral30's & 40's50'sBroadcasterEducationalEnglish (British)LondonVoice/Character Actors


Professional with incredible talent and a magnificent voice.  Much effort and dedication that he put into our last motion graphics piece. Fluid work and clear communication, a winning option.  – Iceblink

Tim is that voice-over unicorn: a perfectionist with a gifted voice who doesn’t annoy the producer  What more can you ask for other than a reliable talent (check!), a smart linguist (check!) and a super-fast turnaround artist (double check!!) I recommend Tim highly and with complete confidence.  – Jack Maley, Executive Producer, M3 Inc

Tim is a fantastic voice-over talent to work with. With very little direction, he nailed it on the first takes, very fast turnaround, and delivered top-notch audio quality.  I couldn’t have asked for a better performance or customer service, I would highly recommend!   – Jeff Hochmuth, Sean Tracey Associates

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