Martine’s voice has been described as warm, approachable & intelligent. She often gets complicated, technical scripts because of her clear tone.  Her voice age is 30s-50’s and she has a soft Northern accent but she often works in a neutral RP accent.

Type Of Voice Artist


As well as working quickly, Martine always takes a keen interest in the script itself. It’s fantastic to have an actor take so much pride in voicing a script you’ve worked hard to produce. Chris Duncan, Spark Film Production

Martine never fails to deliver the quality we need, friendly, reliable, versatile & someone I’m happy to work with again & again. Jim Goad, Producer, Sound Logic

Here at Advitel we’ve been working with Martine since 2011. Martine delivers consistent reads which is important for our IVR customers and her on hold reads really lift the words off the page – our customers love this and keep on choosing her friendly and welcoming voice. Martine’s turnaround is very good too – well within our expected 48 hours. Richard Eva, Sales & Marketing Manager Advitel

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