Katy M.


Katy M.

Katy has been a professional British female voiceover artist for nearly 2 decades.  She has a soothing, friendly & honest voice, and a clear & engaging RP accent.  Having trained at a top London drama school, she can also adopt characters & accents as required and can perform a very convincing West Country/Bristol accent due to her Wiltshire location and being half Liverpudlian on her Father’s side…Katy can do a very convincing Liverpool/Scouse accent too.

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We chose Katy after a thorough review of female voice over talent in the UK. Her voice that has the right blend of energy, thoughtfulness and sincerity needed to make our Tours interesting, without being oversold. She’s proved herself determined and resourceful in the face of technical problems, getting the work done no matter what. We’re very happy to have Katy as part of our team. – Nick Brown – Property Tours

Katy is a consummate professional – always on time and punctual with the work we asked of her. She has a great voice and understood the tone of the work we asked her to complete. Pricing was also very fair! – Miles Denison – Senior Account Manager – Virgo Health

We chose Katy from a long list of VO artists for her warm and friendly tone, natural confidence and distinctive personality. Katy delivered the audio file in double quick time, hitting the mark in the first take to deliver exactly what our client wanted. Working with a professional like Katy is always a pleasure. – Lesley Ede – Producer bobedetv.com

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