Katie F.

Katie F.

Katie is an award-winning British voiceover artist, with a fully equipped studio in her beautiful garden. She’d love to help you with your next project. So if this is the Great British Voice you’re looking for, please get in touch!

Type Of Voice Artist

3942 (RP) Neutral30's & 40'sEducationalEnglish (British)Voice of God AnnouncersVoice/Character Actors


Not only is she very talented, bringing depth and energy to a character, she is also absolutely fantastic to work with. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. – Dennis M Miller, InExile Entertainment, The Mage’s Tale & Bard’s Tale IV.

I’d recommend her without hesitation. – Laetitia Pelatan, Affinitas GmbH, Elite Singles TV commercials

When looking for the right voice to narrate the cherished Roald Dahl stories for ReadingWise, we needed someone who had the range, warmth and magic to capture their genius. Katie delivered wonderfully on every front. – Jamie Fries, Reading Wise.

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