Anna Ryder Richardson


Anna Ryder Richardson

Anna Ryder-Richardson is one of Britain’s best-loved interior designers, presenting the BBC’s ever-popular Changing Rooms for over 10 years.

She has since worked on a number of shows, including House InvadersStaying Put and Trading Spaces, however, none of these had the same mainstream success as Changing Rooms, which led her to consider a change in career, and in 2008, she bought Manor House Wildlife Park in South Wales which sparked her career as a wildlife presenter.

Anna is also available to hire for speaking engagements at Great British Speakers.

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  • Scottish
  • 30’s +
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Engaging, Professional, Corporate
  • NeutralRp
  • 30’s/40’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Articulate, Versatile, Engaging
  • NeutralRp. London
  • 20’s/30’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Distinctive, Confident, Cool
  • Comedian
  • Diversity/Culture
  • Known For: ”Have I got News for You”
  • Accent: London/Rp