Choosing a Voice for your Sports Campaign.

2nd Jun 2019

From the Olympics to the Superbowl, our Great British Voices have been hired to voices for a number of sporting events and campaigns. So if you’re in the market for a voiceover with a sporty twist, look no further…

If you watched the 2012 London Olympics & Paralympic Ceremonies, then you probably heard Trish’s voice.

As the stadium announcer for the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the Paralympics and the 15th Asian Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Doha, Trish is no stranger to live commentating.

Trish Live Announcer London 2012 Olympics at Great Brirtish Voices


British voiceover artist Chris M is just another example of the many versatile voiceover talents we have to offer.

Chris has been chosen to voice plenty of sports campaigns and promos including the Nike TV ad celebrating the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup…

… a World Cup ad for Jagermeister and he even voiced an explainer video for Adidas too!

Whatsmore, he has also ventured into film, voicing the ‘News Reporter’ the 2018 horror/thriller ‘A Quiet Place’ starring Emily Blunt. His role featured in the trailer and was viewed by over 111 million people during the intermission at the US Superbowl alone. You can watch the trailer HERE.

So if you’re looking for a ‘sporting’ voice, Chris could be a perfect fit!


Recently having joined the Great British Voices team, established voiceover artists Jonathan is a regular announcer for Sky Sports!

It’s hardly surprising, as a kid who grew up on a regular Saturday night diet of Match of the Day, that Jonathan has become one of the UK’s ‘go-to’ football commentator voiceovers with an inherent ability to capture that authentic commentator sound (or parodied if you prefer).  He’s provided voiceovers for countless high profile campaigns including for Nike, Nexen Tire, Heineken and UKTV.

Check our Jonathan’s Sky Sports Promo below…


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