Neil B.


Neil B.

Neil is an award-winning baritone, actor, and British voiceover artist with 15 years of experience. His natural-neutral voice is captivating, conversational and comforting.

Accent: English –  Neutral / RP

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Type Of Voice Artist


“Neil is a gifted actor, skilled audio technician, and by far the most professional voice talent I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”– Jake Sanders – Director.

“Neil was an audio director’s dream. His range of voices and ability to adapt accents/timbre and energy is incredibly nuanced.”– Anna Wheatley, Voice Director.

“Neil’s accents are strong, and he brings the characters to life with a wide range of registers. The soundproofing/isolation on the [home studio] recordings was excellent.” – Tim Bamber, Head of Sound for Now>Press>Play

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