Joanne - Hire British Voiceover Artist, Great British Voices




Joanne is a British voiceover artist with her own homestudio.  She has a warm and deeper tone and a strong ability to sound completely at ease with reads, meaning her voice is perfect for both corporate and commercial work.

With a vocal age range of 25-40, Joanne is able to offer a number of different styles to suit any project, including sexy, motherly and girl next door. She can even voice a pretty convincing Australian.

Type Of Voice Artist

Similar Talent

  • DIY Presenter
  • Builder/Gardener
  • Known For: Ground Force
  • Accent: London
  • NeutralRp. Australian
  • 50’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Rich, Smooth, Powerful
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • 20’s-40’s
  • Studio Location: Netherlands
  • Corporate, Pure, Natural
  • NeutralRp.
  • 30’s-40’s
  • Studio Location: UK
  • Soothing, Calm, Encouraging