Russell is a professional British voiceover artist with a natural RP accent. He can also voice other regional British accents, Irish and British Indian accents well.  Russell is based in Bristol, UK.



Type Of Voice Artist


I have been working in the advertising and video production for 19 years and I have never before heard such a fascinating voice like Russell’s! He is an amazing voice talent. He transformed our script into something bigger and full of magic – only through his voice and emotions. Thank you! – Adventure Films Sarl

Russell was an absolute pleasure to work with. He has a wonderful voice and we were very happy with the voice over he delivered. I would highly recommend and will use him for future projects. – Deloitte

Russell is one of the best VO artists we have worked with to date and was perfect for our script. On top of that Russell is a true professional who obviously has many years’ experience dealing with businesses and clients and without mentioning anything offers a truly professional experience even if we are sometimes asking a bit much.  He delivered high-quality audio and took on notes very well adapting and accommodating us totally. Russell should be in every producer’s book. – Jeremy Das

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