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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11


Kate is a professional actress, presenter and voiceover artist based in London and Cambridge.  She recently graduated the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) where she gained extensive vocal training under John Wild, Gary Horner and Janis Price.  From the beginning of her training Kate found that she had a natural flare and passion for voice over artistry and was able to exercise this regularly in classes where she gained valuable experience in radio (drama and commercial) and voice over artistry.

Since graduating Kate has been on tour with the highly acclaimed theatre company Blunderbus, playing a range of different characters, and showcasing her naturally versatile voice to embody roles from an old Welsh farmer to a young West Country girl.  She most recently presented the VT for Food Lovers Live and has also been involved in several short films and corporate events. Kate has a warm, smooth and naturally engaging voice.

She has a large vocal range from early teens to late twenties, an assortment of accents and is able to employ a variety of techniques to suit your needs.  As a rising talent Kate looks forward to the future and showcasing her voice in your projects very soon.  Kate can confidently and authentically voice the following accents ... Cockney, Essex, Liverpool, London, Northern England, Welsh Standard & Southern American.


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