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Growing up in South Yorkshire, a small ex-mining town called Barnsley, Liam was the little chunky child who quietly watched the world pass by.  He found his calling in the final year in primary school when starred as Sweeney Todd and in front of an audience he finally found his niche.  Gaining a BA Honours Degree 2:1 at university, Liam progressed into the entertainment industry and now works as a VO Artist from his home studio.

His vocal age can range from 20-60+ but is able to create colorful character voices that embody a younger age and his natural accent is Yorkshire/Barnsley.

His accents include:- International-African (South), Australian, Austrian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indian, Irish, RP, Mexican, New Zealand, Russian, Canadian, General American, New York City, Southern American. UK-Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Northern Irish, Northern Working Class, RP, Scottish, Standard, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Liam's voice style includes - Angry, Announcer, Arrogant, Artistic, Authoritative, Bubbly, Charismatic, Cold, Concerned, Dangerous, Deep, Dopy, Dry / Sarcastic, Empathic, Energetic, Friendly, Fun, Glamorous, Happy, Husky, Informed, Innocent, Light, Luxurious / Smooth, Natural, Reassuring, Rich, Scary / Intimidating, Sexy, Soft / Gentle, Sophisticated, Street, Versatile, Warm, Whiny, Young.

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