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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 11:03

Paul R

Paul is a trained, experienced professional actor, a commercial radio presenter, and a trained singer, which means he has a very wide range of voices and styles.

He's very well-equipped for voice-over work – not only achieving just the right feel for a read, but also getting the meaning of the writer’s carefully crafted words across to the listener.  He's been fascinated by voices for many years, which led to his career as a professional performer.  He spent a lot of time in New Zealand but is now happy settled in the Cumbrian countryside.  Paul is equally at home with his native English RP, and accents from the UK and around the world – which of course includes New Zealand and Australia.

Paul trained at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, in London.  In England, he acted in theatre, panto and with touring companies – and began his voice-over career.  And then in New Zealand it was theatre; television, including a year in a soap, and a spell on Candid Camera.  He acted in over 100 radio plays, and also spent several years as an award-winning commercial-radio presenter.  During this time Paul appeared in a lot of commercials, and voiced thousands of radio and TV ads – corporate; close-mic sexy reads; retail; hard sell; lip-syncing to replace the voice on another actor/presenter’s work; a wide array of character voices, accents… and some impersonations, too. 

Vocal Range from 30s to 80s.  Paul covers a wide range of styles, accents and ages.

Accents Geordie (Tyneside), Yorkshire, Lancashire, Brummy, London, West Country, various Scottish, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Welsh, Scouse, French, German, Italian, Australian, New Zealand, South African, and various USA accents.

Natural accents Yorkshire, and Tyneside.

Characters  He can get close to just about any sort of voice or character.  Old, young, rough, tough, soft, sweet, smooth.  Heroes, baddies, Santa, Kermit, old wizards, army types, pirates, cowboys, cowgirls – well, maybe not so good at cowgirls… and so on.


Mic – Rode NT1-A; Audio interface – Focusrite Scarlett 2i2; Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT-770; Roland and Fender amplifiers and speakers; My studio has been soundproofed and treated, and an SE Electronics Space Reflexion Filter if I feel the need.  Reaper 5.25.

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“I have worked with Paul for a number of years at Radio i98FM, in Auckland, New Zealand. Of all the announcers and professional voice artists that I have had the pleasure of working with, Paul is by far the best. His versatile voice and range make him first choice for most production work, particularly when a particular style of read, or character voice is required. Paul is just as good at straight voice-over work. He has a natural ability to infer the sense and meaning of the words, rather than just to ‘read’ them. Not only is he a great talent, but he is a gentleman and a truly nice guy. A lot of fun to work with! I cannot recommend Paul highly enough for any recording/voice-over work.”
Brian Falkner (Creative Head)

“I’ve employed Paul many times to voice commercials for BBC World Service New Zealand. Paul’s voice quality and tone are simply superb. His interpretation of scripts and the resulting delivery have always been spot on. All voices are unique – however Paul is blessed with both talent and a wonderful resonance – an asset, I feel, to any brand.”
Deborah Stanaway (BBC World Service)

“I started booking Paul when I was too young to know any better. Which did my prospects for promotion no harm at all, as back at the Agency I was given the credit for his ideas and suggestions. What I liked most about working with Paul was that when I thought, he’d delivered ‘the take’, I’d say “I’ll play that one back to you.” He’d listen, a study of concentration, and reply, “Do you mind if I do one more?” The next read was invariably magic. So if your script could use a little of that, best see what Mr Robinson can conjure up for you.”
Andrew Sadlier (Creative Director of JWT)

“As a TV/radio commercials producer in New Zealand – both noted metropolitan commercial radio station and major advertising agency, it has been my pleasure to have worked with Paul Robinson over a number of years when he voiced countless commercials for me. Paul is a consummate voice artist: talented, versatile and thoroughly professional, not only for straight reads but also able to adopt a bewildering number of character voices thanks to his professional acting talents. Studio costs were kept to a minimum as, invariably, Paul did it in one take – despite my somewhat pedantic quest for a ‘perfect’ read to my satisfaction. Not only that, but Paul is a most talented actor and entertainer.”
Max Radcliffe (Advertising Creative Director)

“Paul Robinson has one of those voices that can always adapt to and enhance any project. Versatile, warm and inventive. Gravitas when you need it, a wide range of accents and comedy voices, and he can sing too! Highly recommended.”
Dezley Scott-Davidson (Senior writer, MediaWorks Radio New Zealand)

Paul is a true professional – always on time, incredibly patient, and works hard to get the read and delivery his producer needs. He’s a brilliant guy to work with, a huge talent.”                                                                                          John Bredican (Creative writer and director)

“I was the Sound Director at VIDCOM, and am now running my own company. Paul has been a regular voice artist that I’ve cast in many TV commercials. He offers a great range of delivery styles and tones, is easily directed (and he offers, when appropriate, input regarding scripting and timing to improve what we do). Working with him is a delight! He’s reliable, and he always makes himself available if a short-notice booking occurs. I highly recommend him.”
Mike Westgate (Sound director)

“We use Paul’s excellent voice over for our podcast channel. He delivers exactly what we need ahead of time – and his voice is wonderful. Totally professional, 100% reliable and awesome to work with. Thank you Paul!!”
Rob Plevin (Director – The Life Raft)

Clients - Shell, Qantas, Gillette, Land Rover, Brooke Bond PG Tips, Black and Decker, Cadbury, Timex, Panasonic, Frigidaire, DeLonghi, KFC, Dunlop, Suzuki, Anchor Dairy Products, Colman’s Mustard, Tissot, Red Door, Top Model.

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