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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11


Howy has been acting professionally on stage and screen for just under 10 years, working with on feature films such as Chronology (dir. Kipp Tribble, Derik Wingo) The Contract (dir. Nic Auerbach), and the upcoming The Dark Return Of Time (dir. Ian Reed) and can be seen as Stan in many videos for the company, Tech21.

Howy has recently made the move to Voice Acting.  He was worked for the likes of Peugeot, Tech21, Nationwide, as well as providing character voices for many short films and most recently for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Howy’s voice has a deep and rich resonance, which can be both warm and welcoming, as well as dark, mysterious and ultimately, evil.  Howy can also make his voice go to such extremes as mad, quirky and generally a high-pitched fool.  Born and raised near Liverpool, Howy can switch from his neutral/RP accent to Scouse in the drop of a hat, as well as accents from Eastern Europe and the southern states of America.  Howy is always working hard to add more accents to his library, and will always give an accent his full attention.

Howy has his own recording set-up at home, so his general turn around on recordings from home is very fast, and he is always very happy to re-record until the client is happy. Characters/Impressions include Jack Sparrow, The Joker (Heath Ledger), Gollum, Demonic, Orc, Werewolf, Royal/Posh Fool, Wacky Scientist, Wise Elder, Undead.


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