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Wednesday, 07 December 2016 10:50

Mike M

With a passion for voice over like no other, Mike has voiced audio books, animations, events announcements, corporate narration, on hold/IVR, videos games and much more.

Due to his absolute enthusiasm and love for the craft, every role is taken seriously with a true professionalism.  Mike is always willing to go the extra mile to make clients happy.  Like all Great British Voices Mike has a professional recording studio so changes and amendments are made easy with a quick turn around.  

So, if you are looking for a voice that is highly varied from soft and comforting to gravitas and strong, and whether it's for corporate or character based, then Mike's your man!

Mike's voice is highly varied from soft and comforting to gravitas and strong... Comical to serious.  Heartfelt and always passionate.  Always open to direction.

Natural accent South Eastern, Kent 

Other accents London (Geezer), Essex (Lad), Irish (Generic), American (Generic) 

Voice Age range Child to mid 40s

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

Character Demo

Audiobook Demo


'If you need a voice over for your project, Mike's your man. He always delivers top results, speedy, turnaround and great communication. I'll definitely be returning for future work.'

-Jeff Billings, Retroactive Jealousy Crusher

'Mike is not only a talented voice actor, but his gut instinct as an actor, storyteller, and writer lend instant believability to any lines you give him.'

-Erin Holt, Looms Comics 

'We have hired Mike to breathe life into multiple projects. His voice is warm, authentic, and packed with acting talent. Time and time again, he blows us away with his powerhouse vocal range. His vocal likeability makes him an excellent candidate for character acting and for commercial work that seeks to break through the impersonal corporate noise of today's market.'

-Hungry Mortals, Media House

'You can't go wrong with Mike. He is prompt, professional and charismatic. He will make your project 100 times better with his voice alone.'

-Taylor H, Jude The Vampire Hunter 


YSLV - IVR, Retroactive Jealousy - Series of audio books, 3DWeb - IVR, Hungry Mortals - Graphic novel, Loom Comics - Graphic novel, Earth Island - Voice of God, Parking Goat - Indie Game, Dare Productions - Audio Tagline, ASSA - Turtorial, Plus more; non-paid roles (indie games, animation, voice of God) 


Rhode NT1A, V850 Vocal Booth, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, Mac running Logic Pro

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