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Paul enjoys creating new characters, as well as impersonating well known voices, primarily from the world of cartoons, TV and cinema.

Clients have often commented on his range - pacey, contemporary, friendly young and intelligent.  Scripts delivered with bags of energy.

He has always completed projects on time and on budget, usually finishing quicker than expected to allow his clients time for Paul to vocalise any new ideas that they may have had whilst in the recording session.

Studio - Pro Tools, Sontronics Aria mic or a Rode NT1000 for much longer form narration.

Voice - Age 25-45 with a natural accent (RP/English) but Paul is able to do LOTS of other accents.  

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Elinor has a warm, friendly, natural, RP British voice and can turn her mild northern accent on or off, depending on your preference.

She has a vocal age between mid-twenties to early fifties, but naturally sits in the “thirty something Mum” bracket – because that’s exactly what she is! With over 15 years' experience, she has voiced a variety of projects for major multinational corporations - from commercials, to health and safety training and e-learning, as well as more locally focussed projects for smaller organisations.  She also has one of the most iconic voices in the UK - as the female voice of several London Underground Lines.

From her own broadcast-quality ISDN studio, she's heard on all the major UK radio and TV networks, including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Global Radio, Bauer, UTV, as well as numerous independent commercial outfits and TV stations.  Previous and current clients include Coca-Cola, Sony, British Telecom, Virgin Trains, Santander, Braun, AstraZeneca and Tesco.  As one of the leading corporate narrators in the UK market, Elinor is particularly comfortable with medical and technical terminology, and she has several clients in the pharmaceutical, health and safety, and oil industries, who rely on her to produce clear and accurate reads every time.  She is equally happy recording audio for educational resources, thanks to her clear, friendly, non-patronising delivery, which is perfect for children.  

Elinor can work in a range of accents and styles, including: Liverpool, Cockney, West Country, Australian, American, Young Mum, Teenager, Old Lady, and many others.  She is often hired for her ability to sound natural and conversational, rather than very “voiceovery,” if that’s what you prefer.


Neumann U87 microphone, TLM 193 & TLM 103 microphones, Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer, CDQ Prima LT ISDN Codec, Audio TX, ipDTL, Skype/Phone Patch,Sony Sound Forge Audio Production

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