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Linda is a seasoned pro and top voice talent and has been in voiceovers on both sides of the Atlantic.  Originally from the UK (Sussex) but fluent in German.

Linda holds a Bachelor's from the prestigious Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, in Acting and Audiovisual Media as well as an American Associates degree in Digital Media.

Linda's neutral English has become a favorite for international productions.  Capture and keep your audience’s attention with expert narration and high-quality audio - Linda will keep your audience engaged with her smooth, classy and warm voice.

Linda's area of expertise are character development (video games & animation), and narration (documentaries, eLearning). Linda is also an actor and is the german voice of Baby Miss Piggy. ISDN/ipDTL Studio.

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"It is a rare occasion when those you work with inspire you rather than the other way around. This is the case with Linda Joy. She is always a source of inspiration and the consummate professional." Frank Lenart, Creative Director, Disney Character Voices, BVI Germany

“Great voice, very very nice person, and fast indeed!! really happy with the work, hope to work with Linda again very soon.” - Gernot Stefl, Unter Freiem Himmel

“Linda has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I find myself hoping to be in a position in the future where I once again need voice-work, so that I may have the opportunity to work with Linda again. I could not recommend her highly enough!” - Max Bane, Mallegory, Tabletop Game Development, Australia

“C.F. Yetmen has found the perfect voice for her story. In The Roses Underneath, narrator Linda creates an undercurrent of urgency that compels the story forward. Each character is brought into sharp focus, and through her careful shading, we see ourselves. This is essential reading."  - Jane Ingalls, Voice Talent

“In a half-century of writing, directing and acting in the voice work field, I have seldom met a colleague who brings as much linguistic, interpretive savvy, sensitivity and downright enthusiasm as Linda. Whether on a commercial or an extended tragic or comic role, British or American English - or accent-free German - Linda is a consummate, dedicated professional, and she's fun to work with, too, and that's even more than just icing on the cake.” - Donald Arthur, Entertainment Professional, Munich, Germany


Jaguar, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Hanna Barbera, Kraft Foods, Paulaner Beer, Harley Davidson,, TJ Maxx, Avon, Kindle, iPhone

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