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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11


Gina is a professional established female voiceover artist based in London, England.

Her studio has an ISDN facility and she works with clients all over the world, as well as in the UK.

Gina’s voice is described as being warm, clear, energetic and strong, with a husky tone.... some say, sexy too! Her voice age is 20s to 30s and she can do a few accents including West Country, Essex, Liverpool and Manchester from UK and Australian, American, South African, Italian, French and Spanish.

TV & Radio Ads / Radio Station Imaging / TV & Radio Promos / Corporate video VOs / IVR (Telephone messages/prompts) / In-store / Website voice overs / Narration / E-Learning / Award Ceremony VO’s.

Promo Demo

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Gina is currently working with some wonderful clients in the UK and abroad – the BBC (radio and TV); ITV1, BAFTA, Talkback Thames, MTV, BBC Worldwide Asia, Global Radio, Bauer Radio & TV (4 Music / The BOX), True Movies, Vintage TV, UTV, Universal Channel, Tindle Radio Group, Celador, BKP Dubai, Radio 1&2 Dubai, Bay Radio Malta, Highveld Radio South Africa.


William Volkes Dudgeon – Producer / Director @ 4 Music / The Box

With an assured professionalism Gina brings life and credibility to all of the brands that we work with in our partnership department. Her attention to direction gives you confidence that she will enhance any creative that you attach her smooth, deep and sultry voice to.

James Stodd – Producer @ Celador Radio (The Breeze Network)

Gina is great to work with. From imaging work to promos, she takes direction really easily and she’s really versatile too. She’s never happy with the first thing she gives you – always happy to keep going until she nails it.

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