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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11

Tracey Anne

Tracey-Anne is live Continuity Announcer with Channel 4 Television who will also often be heard on trails promoting new and innovative programmes across the Channel 4 brand.

In the past Tracey-Anne has also been heard across other channels, including Live TV & Discovery Channel.  At the end of last year she was the narrator on the cookery series ‘My Kitchen’ on the Good Food Channel, a delicious series with top chefs cooking in their own homes, including Carluccio himself.  Tracey Anne also has in-vision experience, as a presenter for the Travel Channel and Sky News.

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11


With an established background in television production, Dominic is a versatile voiceover who can regularly be heard on promos and trailers for Five, Virgin, GMTV, the ITV network, Bravo and Living TV.  He is also the narrator of the highly successful US show, Extreme Makeover and, as senior announcer at Living TV, was responsible for the channel’s on air continuity.

Having started out in radio, Dominic went on to present his own programme for ITV1, as host of Lie Detector, which attracted an audience of more than 5 million viewers each day.  With over ten year’s experience, Dominic is a voiceover talent, with an adaptable style and a warm and engaging tone. In the corporate field, he has worked with clients ranging from Microsoft and BT to Abbey National, Vodafone and Nokia.

As a successful voiceover artist, Dominic’s voiceovers for TV promos and trailers range from factual and entertainment, to action adventure, comedy and thrillers.

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