Why Your Website NEEDS an Explainer Video

10th May 2021

Did you know that when it comes to online product reviews, 66% of consumers prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading a text-based review?

And, 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service from watching an explainer/demo video?

Michelle Female Motorsport Tech TV presenter at Great British Presenters
Presenter and Voiceover Artist Michelle at Great British UK

Therefore, it’s no surprise that explainer videos are a key tool to market a business, but why are they so beneficial?

Explainers are short videos (usually around 3mins or less) that details a company’s product or service. Many companies like to showcase this in the form of an animation, but they can also be pieces presented to camera. You’d usually find these either on the company’s homepage or product pages – depending on what the explainer is about.

So, if you haven’t got an explainer video on your website already, then here’s just a few reasons why should you get one…

  • Easy to understand/consume
  • Shows personality
  • Can be shared easily
  • Can monitor your viewers
  • Helps with SEO

If you’re ready to produce your explainer video, we have many professional voiceover artists and/or presenters ready to help sell your service.

For when it comes to choosing the right voice of your business/product, the voice it seems is just as important as the product itself; In 2017, Wyzowl reported that 75% of consumers decided not to buy a product because the video voiceover annoyed them. An informal and chatty tone is preferred by 83% of consumers.

Check out just a few of the explainers our artist have recorded;

Voiced by Drew at Great British Voices
Voiced by Justine at Great British Voices
Voiced by Dervla at Great British Voices
Voiced by Julie-Ann at Great British Voices
Voiced by George at Great British Voices
Voiced by Christopher at Great British Voices

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