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2nd Oct 2019

It’s been an extremely business time for our artists, voicing an array of internal projects as well as many commercials and promos for some of the worlds best-known names.

If you’re a fan of Guns ‘N Roses then you probably heard Chris on the latest promo for their 2020 world tour. Chris has also voiced concert intros for Michael Buble, Paul McCartney, Calvin Harris and Rod Stewart as well as promoting the British leg of Rod Stewart’s 2019 tour!

And if that’s not enough and you require more drama, then Chris has also voiced many Hollywood film trailers, including Batman vs Superman and The Revenant.

Whatsmore, he has also ventured into film, voicing the ‘News Reporter’ the 2018 horror/thriller A Quiet Place starring Emily Blunt.

His role featured in the trailer and was viewed by over 111 million people during the intermission at the US Superbowl alone.

You can view the trailer here.

If you’d like to book Chris for your next voiceover project then do get in touch.


Promos, Commercial and More…

A little closer to home, Pete, one of our BRITISH MALE VOICEOVER ARTISTS has voiced adverstisments for popular animations.

One of his biggest jobs (so far…) has been voicing the TV Commercial/Movie Trailer for Animal Friends Insurance in association with the animated movie The Secret Life of Pets 2


International Talent.

Now at Great British Voices, you can hire international voice talent too, both based in the UK and around the world. So no matter your time zone, we can find an artist to record for you efficiently with fast-turnaround all from their very own professional homestudio or a local recording studio of your choice. 

To find out why our international artists are in such high demand, just take a listen to this particular to this stunning film below narrated by American voiceover artist Ross and produced by Paper Machine Films, an independent production company based in Pakistan.

It’s hard to believe it’s created using only stills, so be sure to take a look …and be truly inspired! Brilliant visuals, brilliant script and brilliant voiceover!

Make an Enquiry.

If you’re still on the search for that perfect voice, contact and let us help you. From your brief, we’ll create you a personalised shortlist from our 300+ strong VO artists – and if we don’t have the voice you require, we’ll personally source them for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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