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Tom has had an extensive career singing and acting leading roles across the world, predominantly throughout the USA but has also appeared numerous times on the West End, National Tours and throughout the UK. Tom has worked extensively in voice over supplying such varied portrayals as Spiderman (and a whole cast of villains), FBI agents providing drug awareness training, three different butlers, young dads, Australian villains, millionaire oil magnates, Scottish children, Danish invaders, a villainous Uncle, Greek Gods (both male and female), talking puppies, Heath Ledger (yes Heath Ledger), a puppet show, a airline pilot, a lizard and many, many more.

Tom's age of voice is mid twenties to mid thirties and his natural accent is middle class RP English with a younger, lighter timbre to his voice. He is adept at accents... and can sound natural in all of the major UK city accents (Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, etc etc) and regions and can produce a very solid Scottish, Welsh or Irish accent.  He has used French, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Italian accents in his audiobook work but obviously these are generally lighter characterisations.  He has an entirely natural US RP, Southern US and Louisiana accent and is able to give good characterisations in NYC, California, Texas & Kentucky accents.

Studio Details

For home recording Tom uses an apogee microphone with built in pre-amp, pop guard and high quality headphones. He has a dedicated quiet, padded room for recording which gets no outside sound.

Audiobook Narration

Tom is an experienced, award nominated and award winning audiobook narrator.  Despite working in his native English ‘RP’ accent he has easily and ably performed in such accents as General American, Louisiana, Georgia, Boston, Edinburgh Scottish, Glasgow Scottish, Rural Irish, Northern Irish, Dublin Irish, Welsh, Estuary English, Northumbrian English, Manchester English, Liverpool English, Birmingham English, French Accent, German accent and many more. Having a background in theatre he has a particular command of characterisation with distinct, specific, appropriate vocalisms for books with a large number of characters.

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Audiobook Demo

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You would swear that the narrator, Tom, is Uhtred himself. He is completely convincing in the intonations and characteristics of Uhtred, making this story of a quality higher than one would get off the page. He also portrays the clipped sentences of English lords, and has the relaxed charm and vulgar humor of the Danes absolutely down pat. –Seer’s Gate Gods Behaving Badly Tom undertakes an enormous cast of characters–from sexy, deep-throated goddesses to the whiny Apollo and an assortment of Londoners….. flawless, keeping a high-energy pace and offering a barrel of laughs

–Audiofile Magazine


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