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Mike’s voice has been called warm, friendly, authoritative, enthusiastic, and - most importantly - believable.

Mike’s natural delivery is neutral, modern, unaccented English.  It’s a friendlier, more natural style of speaking that carries authority, but which also has a knack of making even the most complex and technical script shine through with absolute clarity.

Mike’s vocal age range runs from young adult to middle age, with plenty of scope for light and shade.

Born and raised in the Black Country, Mike strove from an early age to shake off his native sound.  That said, he can return to his West Midlands roots if needed.  Mike can also perform a very natural Australian accent, mostly as a result of having an Australian partner for for six years and spending quite a lot of time Down Under.  He’s now married to an American (with all the possibilities for accent development that brings), and lives in South London with his partner and two small dogs.  

Mike has been voicing for over twenty years, since he was just 17 and started working for his local BBC radio station.  His first job was as a “trail maker”, making promos and using his own voice to record them. Since then Mike has had periods as a radio presenter, TV announcer and, of course, as a full time freelance voiceover artist. Much of Mike’s work remains in broadcast media.  He’s in demand for documentary voiceovers for channels like History, National Geographic and the Crime & Investigation Network.  He can also regularly be heard on the BBC World Service as a station announcer and newsreader, and years of “sight-reading” scripts in radio news means he can “sight read” very well.  

This wealth of broadcast experience means he’s used to getting the best out of difficult or poorly-written scripts, and is often able to suggest a better way to phrase something if the production would benefit.  Years of practice since, reading corporate scripts and medical narrations, means Mike has become adept at bringing dry, technical reads to life.  This makes him an especially good choice for training, eLearning and corporate projects, though he finds himself asked to voice everything from phone prompts to awards ceremonies, to announcements for theme parks!

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