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A voice actor/artist with a warm and inviting, deep read.  A 'sit-up' and listen delivery with lower tones often exercised and a good gravel gravitas, then spinning out to a slightly higher more excited pacey type read.... and all this whilst executing a punchy, clear crisp delivery with a strong and serious message.

RP is first class and comfortably clipped with accurate execution of lines, not generally stuffy and stuck up.  Loves to get into a role and character and very happy here producing a more natural relaxed message.  Has produced recordings as a cheeky monkey for mobile downloadable apps.  Also, Game Show Host for Oxford University. NHS adverts for Birmingham Film Studios and many more including documentary recordings and MC and VO for several events and shows.

Lee's voice age - 30-50yr and his natural accent is English RP/Oxonian.  He can also put his skils to other accents including Birmingham, Cockney, London, Cornish, Devon, Dorset, Some Northern cities & Irish.  Lee can also voice animated characters and children's voices.

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